Getting Started with vSphere Integrated Containers Engine

The following is the first in a series of blog posts by members of the vSphere Integrated Containers Engineering team.  This one is written by Matt Williamson, Sr. Engineering Manager

vSphere Integrated Containers Engine (VIC Engine) is an open source project hosted on GitHub and being developed, primarily, by VMware.  It is designed to make it easy for  vSphere customers to start running container workloads, in production, while maintaining their existing VM-based policies and tools. A key feature is that developers in your organization can continue to use the existing container commands they know and love.

The VIC Engine is one component of the vSphere Integrated Containers 1.0 release – the others are Harbor and Admiral.  Customers who purchase a vSphere Enterprise Plus or higher license are entitled to VMware support for the entire vSphere Integrated Containers bundle. Links to the product page, software downloads and user documentation for all three components can also be found on the product page on Github.

For a more detailed introduction to deploying VIC Engine on your vSphere infrastructure, you can read the overview in the VIC Engine GitHub repository,  Another great source of information is Ben Corrie’s blog, including his article talking about the benefits of VIC Engine, and this video on how to deploy the VIC Engine and start running containers.

Keep an eye out here for more blog posts from the VIC Engineering team. They will cover, among other things, more detailed deployment scenarios, how to take advantage of the VIC engine networking, security features, interaction with the other VIC Product components, examples on setting it with different storage configurations and help with debugging any issues that might arise. To follow the VIC engine development you can go directly to the source code on Github.  And download vSphere Integrated Containers today!