The Extreme Performance Series at VMworld 2016

Yes! It’s back, and more performant than ever!

The Extreme Performance Series returns for its 4th year!


I’m very excited about this year’s Extreme Performance Series mini-track being hosted at VMworld Las Vegas and Barcelona. These sessions are created and presented by VMware’s best and most distinguished performance engineers, principals, architects and gurus. These are real advanced technical sessions you do not want to miss.

I’ve tried to provide my personal thoughts on each session below but a few words will never do them justice.

INF8108 vCenter Performance Deep Dive

This is one of VMworld’s most popular sessions. Ravi needs no introduction within VMware and after attending this session you’ll recognize that this dynamic character not only lives and breaths vCenter but you’ll remember him thereafter for showing you how to make vCenter do your bidding. If you’ve ever wanted a deep dive into vCenter, its components, interactions and how to make it perform, you cannot afford to miss this session.

INF8465 Power Management’s Impact on Performance

Do you know that we ship vSphere with a default power policy called ‘balanced’? Do you know when to use the ‘high performance’ policy? Are you leaving performance on the table? Come out to this session and see Qasim explain why power and performance are in direct conflict with each other, how they can impact contention and what practices you need to implement to ensure maximum performance.

VIRT8443 Evaluate the Performance of Your Cloud with Weathervane and VMware vRealize Operations

Weathervane, formerly Zephyr [], is a an application-level benchmark that captures the key characteristics of the workloads, design paradigms, deployment architectures, and performance metrics of the next generation of large-scale web applications. This session will show you what an real life benchmark application looks like in vROps.

INF8089 vSphere Compute & Memory

Seongbeom is one of my most trusted advisors when it comes to memory and compute. This year, I’ve asked him to deep dive into the vSphere schedulers to show off an action packed agenda of advanced scheduler techniques at an atomic level, overhead assessments and tips/tricks to maximize performance.

STO8743 Virtual SAN Performance Troubleshooting

VSAN is all the rage but when its not performing, how do you diagnose it? Zach and Ruijin will take you though a defined VSAN troubleshooting methodology using included tools and several examples. This is the definitive VSAN troubleshooting session.

INF8959 DRS Performance Deep Dive: Bigger Clusters, Better Balancing, Lower Overhead

In this talk, Sai and Naveen, representing a huge development team, will discuss the various aspects of DRS that contribute to its performance and effectiveness of its placement decisions. If you’ve ever wondered what that DRS aggressive slider does, this session will satisfy that curiosity and more. DRS = Performance.

VIRT7598 Monster VM Database Performance

Databases are still often perceived as difficult virtualization candidates. This session will outline why that’s not the case and in fact, databases on vSphere perform and scale beyond anyone’s expectations. David and Todd will also look at performance changes across hardware generations.

VIRT8708 Understanding Difficult Applications that Require Extra TLC for Better Performance

Yes I’m selfishly plugging my own session but only because I have Reza leading it, who is one of only a few Principal engineers at VMware. In this session we’ll look at application classes that are still difficult to virtualize today and how vSphere handles them. You learn about why performance is affected and what can be done about. This session is not for the faint of heart but will help you understand virtualization at a whole new level. Attend this to reach 100% virtual in your datacenters.

INF8644 Getting the Most out of vMotion: Architecture, Features, Performance and Debugging

Join this session to learn about the latest vMotion developments. We’ve being doing vMotion magic for years and continue to develop it to meets the needs of an ever expanding cloud and shrinking geographies.

VIRT8738 Virtualized Big Data Performance Best Practices

Big data applications are growing exponentially in popularity and scale. Learn from our performance experts how to get the best performance while leveraging all the benefits virtualization provides. This session is chalk-full of data and practices.


We also have a number of great “Group Discussions” and “Meet the Experts” being hosted – TBA


Lastly, don’t miss the Hands-On-Labs:

SPL-1704-SDC-1 vSphere 6 Performance Optimization (self-paced)
ELW-1704-SDC-1 vSphere 6 Performance Optimization Workshop (instructor led)

This lab covers vSphere performance best practices and various performance related features available in vSphere 6. You will work with a broad array of solutions and tools, including VMware Labs “Flings” and esxtop to gauge and diagnose performance in a vSphere Environment. You will also look at vSphere features related to performance, including Network IO Control Reservations, vNUMA with Memory Hot Add, Latency Sensitivity and Power Policy Settings. Chinese and Japanese proctors will be available for support.

SPL-1704-CHG-2 vSphere 6 Challenge Lab

The vSphere 6 Challenge asks you to put on your thinking cap to save the day! Each module places you in a different fictional scenario to fix common vSphere operational and performance problems. Have you ever had a disconnected host or a VM which you could not launch remote console into? How about a mysterious poorly performing VM? In this lab, you will learn to solve these and more.


This year we pulled out all the stops to showcase why vSphere is the most performant virtual platform available today. Confidence you can reach 100% virtualization with no app left behind.

Hope too see you all there!