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Reducing Data Center Downtime

In Benchmark Study tests (2014), vSphere® with Operations ManagementTM users experienced 30% more uptime on tier 1 applications than users of standalone vSphere1.

Extending their vSphere virtualized environment to include vSphere with Operations Management is the easiest and most direct way for data center managers to deliver high application availability with minimum downtime.

vSphere with Operations Management delivers virtualization with consistent management. In other words, it provides a single application interface that integrates and automates complex troubleshooting. All types of monitoring data from across the virtual stack is processed, giving IT teams better visibility into the dependencies of their application and platform components. In turn, that helps them to better anticipate the demands of their infrastructure so they can take proactive action to maximize uptime.

There’s a wide array of advanced features to help ensure uptime, including smart alerts that identify emerging issues; open platform compatibility that enables full visibility from apps to storage; enhanced application monitoring with customizable dashboards; root cause analysis; storage analytics; vSphere reports, and much more. In the torrent of monitoring data, IT teams need these tools to act decisively and prevent infrastructure and application downtime.

If you want to learn more about reducing data center downtime, the new Trend Brief: “Reduce Data Center Downtime in No Time” is a concise guide to the benefits of virtualization with consistent management. We hope you find it useful.

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