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Meet the New Face of Virtualization

If you’re considering virtualization as a means to consolidate your compute resources, to lower CapEx and OpEx costs, or to simplify server and application resources, you’ve got the right idea. But did you know your virtualized data center has even more to offer?

With VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™, you can realize value that extends beyond the limits of traditional virtualization.

For all its benefits, traditional virtualization presents IT with new challenges: the need to maintain multiple virtual machines, manage a range of applications that vary by importance, the potential to over provision or under provision servers. But without the essential management capabilities that vSphere with Operations Management provides, you’ll lack the visibility into your data center operations that can keep these challenges from creating performance bottlenecks.

With vSphere with Operations Management, you get an integrated virtualization platform designed to give you three key management capabilities.

Virtualization with Consistent Management

Keeping up with the speed of business means building an infrastructure that can securely deliver cloud, mobile, social, and big data applications. With consistent management and automation from vSphere with Operations Management, you can build the environment that makes it possible.

Intelligent Operations

Ensuring higher performance and availability starts with proactive management. vSphere with Operations Management is designed with intelligent operations, providing insight to help you identify potential problems before they occur.

Automation with Control

With vSphere with Operations Management, you can safely automate your infrastructure and applications. You’ll not only improve resource utilization and application performance, you’ll free your IT teams from many manual tasks required across the data center.

Virtualized data centers have a lot to offer. But your approach to data center management will be a determining factor in whether or not you make the most of your infrastructure. To learn how VMware vSphere with Operations Management can help you realize the full potential of your data center, we recommend the new Trend Brief “The New Face of Virtualization.”