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Making the Most of Your Virtualized Environment

With basic virtualization technology, IT managers can consolidate physical resources and take a stand against rising CapEx costs. But the full potential of virtualization will remain elusive until you combine virtualization with a strong management platform.

In a recent survey of IT managers, Frost & Sullivan identified a number of common data center challenges: high maintenance costs, administrative complexity, poor workload performance, and minimizing downtime for applications. In each instance, a strong management capability can curb the challenge and help IT managers draw greater value from their existing resources and support private cloud deployments. But what makes for a strong management platform? Consider these characteristics:

Consistent management capabilities
Optimizing IT and easing administrative complexity require automation. For that, you need a management platform that supports virtualization of applications and predictive analytics, and delivers purpose-built operational automation.

Compute and storage resources that use intelligent operations
Ensuring workload performance takes a platform that simplifies management. Your platform should provide infrastructure reliability and application uptime, smart alerts, application awareness and dependency mapping, and real-time log analytics.

Automation and control capabilities
Offloading routine maintenance can free up the IT staff to focus on innovation. You need a platform that delivers automated workload placement and load balancing capabilities, policy-based storage management, customizable actions, policies, and workflows, and automated capacity optimization and planning.

VMware addresses each of these requirements with vSphere® with Operations Management™, a virtualization platform that provides enterprises with the visibility to proactively optimize their IT environments. With the VMware platform, IT managers can monitor real-time data on more than 600 key performance indicators, assess and ensure operational health, and take preemptive action before problems materialize.

To further explore the advantages of the vSphere with Operations Management platform, read the new white paper from Frost & Sullivan, Maximizing Data Center Efficiencies with Visibility, Automation, and Intelligent Operations.