An announcement we made during our repeat session “INF5123 – Managing vSphere Deployments and Upgrades – Part 2” at VMworld last week, was that VMware Tools 10.0.0 was released and is available for download in MyVMware.

Wait… I thought VMware tools only shipped with each ESXi build…?

Good news. We have decided that there isn’t any specific reason that VMware Tools builds should be tied to vSphere releases/ESXi builds. Rather, when our engineering teams are ready with key features/updates, we should have the ability to get those benefits out to our customers as quickly as possible.

As of September 3, 2015 we now are releasing VMware tools outside of the vSphere releases, you can download the latest version HERE:


But that’s not all!

Not only are we making VMware Tools available in this manner, we are now also including release notes specific to VMware Tools. This will allow you to see what’s new in each release, along with compatibility, installation/upgrade information, and more.


To view the VMware Tools 10.0.0 Release Notes, click HERE:

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Brian Graf is a Senior Product Manager – Distributed Resource Management (DRS/HA/DPM) at VMware. Previous to Product Management, Brian worked as a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at VMware, focused on PowerCLI Automation and ESXi Lifecycle technologies. Previous roles also include: Consultant for EMC Consulting. His main focus was Data center migration methodologies and implementations. His background previous to VMware includes Operations Engineering, Virtualization, Business Intelligence, and Exchange/Blackberry Engineering. Get notification of new blog postings and more by following Brian on Twitter: @vBrianGraf