Updated version of the vMSC white paper for vSphere 6.0 available now!

One of the most popular white papers of the last couple of year has definitely been the vSphere Metro Storage Cluster best practices white paper (vMSC). Over the past 12 months we have received many emails asking if there were changes that needed to be taken in to account for vSphere 5.5. More recently we started receiving questions if all of the information was still valid for vSphere 6.0. With the introduction of vSphere HA VM Component Protection and changes in how vSphere HA can handle host failures when Cluster VM/Host rules are defined it was time to update this paper.

The past weeks we’ve worked hard (my co-author Lee Dilworth and I) to ensure all changes that were introduced with vSphere 6.0 were captured in this white paper. We hope you will enjoy the document. You can find a link below to the document for your convenience. If there are any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below or reach out to Lee or I on twitter. Thanks!

*** vSphere Metro Storage Cluster recommended practices white paper ***

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