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VMware Sponsors “Recharge Lounge” at SQL Pass Conference

Following up on the momentum gained in the SQL Server on vSphere space last month as a result of the Elite SQL Server workshop, the vSphere PMM team arranged the sponsorship of the “Recharge Lounge” at the SQL Pass Conference in Seattle this week.  This specialized lounge not only allows conference attendees to recharge their devices but when they individually present a coupon, which they can only get from the VMware booth, the attendee will receive a 5 minute professional massage.   Not exactly what we do regularly but amazing effective in drawing in attendees to the VMW booth.  The stories are typical “We use vSphere for everything and it all works great” was a common theme.   We are on track to pass out 500 massage coupons in the 3 days of the conference.  This is fun!

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