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Encrypted Data at Rest with vSphere Data Protection and EMC Data Domain

I recently received an inquiry about whether vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Advanced could send backup data to an EMC Data Domain appliance with encryption enabled. This scenario was easy to set up and test. In my lab, I am using a Data Domain appliance running Data Domain Operating System (DDOS) 5.4 along with VDP Advanced 5.8. First, I verified everything was working properly (before encryption) by running a few backups jobs and performing both image level (VM) restores and application level (database) restores. Then, I enabled encryption on the Data Domain appliance when I was sure there were no VDP backup jobs, integrity checks, etc. running. After encryption was enabled, I again ran backup jobs and performed image and application level restores from restore points created both before and after encryption was enabled. All of these worked fine, as expected.

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