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VMware Virtual SAN Hardware Design Guide

VMware Virtual SAN 5.5 is a software-defined, scale-out hypervisor-converged storage platform that allows you great flexibility and choice in how you design your storage VSAN Hardware Build Your Ownsolution. This flexibility allows you the option to either build your own Virtual SAN node using the hardware platform of your choice from any supported hardware vendor on the VMware Compatibility Guide, or choosing a Virtual SAN Ready Node  that provides a prescriptive node configuration from a vendor of your choice.

The Virtual SAN Hardware Guidance whitepaper will provide the information you need to make the proper hardware design choices when either building a new (greenfield) Virtual SAN solution, or retrofitting existing servers (brownfield) to support Virtual SAN.

Topics covered in the Virtual SAN Hardware Guidance whitepaper includes

  • Server Form Factors
  • Server Boot Devices
  • Flash Devices
  • Magnetic Hard Disk Drives
  • Storage Controllers
  • Networking

Download the VMware Virtual SAN Hardware Design Guide today and start building your Virtual SAN solution!



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