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VMware Virtual SAN Interoperability: OpenStack

VSANWith the upcoming release of Virtual SAN, I want to take the opportunity to demonstrate some of the interoperability capabilities of Virtual SAN with other products and solutions.
I will start the series by showcasing Virtual SAN’s interoperability with OpenStack. This demonstration is based on the vSphere OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) and Virtual SAN. This demonstration showcases the integration capabilities between a VMware Virtual SAN and the OpenStack framework by deploying a single instance of vSphere OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) as the OpenStack cloud controller onto a Virtual SAN enabled vSphere 5.5 Cluster and deploying OpenStack based virtual machines or instances onto the Virtual SAN shared and distributed storage resource.

OpenStack environment running on vSphere can take advantage of the only hypervisor-converged solution in the industry and leverage the simplified management, operational model and technologies:

  • Hybrid disk solution – flash based devices (SSD) and magnetic disks (HDD).
  • High performance and distributed RAID architecture.
  • Built-in application availability (if required for legacy applications).
  • Storage Policy Based Management framework.
  • Dynamic storage scalable capabilities (scale up and scale out).

Virtual SAN can also be considered in the context of quality of service (QoS) because VM Storage Policies can be use to define the level of performance, availability, and capacity required on a per–virtual machine or instance basis.

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