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New Hands-on Lab – An In-depth Exploration of vCloud Networking and Security

Over the last few months, you have seen my blog articles on the vCloud Networking and Security solution.  Some of you may have even been inspired to try it, but were not able to set aside or configure infrastructure to do any testing.  Well, here’s your chance to get hands-on experience on everything that I wrote, without committing any equipment in your lab.

HOL-SDC-1303 – An In-depth Exploration of vCloud Networking and Security is a brand-new hands-on lab that walks you through vCloud Networking and Security with a use-case based approach.  You can explore all of the following areas using this lab.

  • Prepare vSphere clusters for VXLAN logical network deployment
  • Logical network (VXLAN) provisioning
  • Connect the three-tier application virtual machines to logical networks and test connectivity between virtual machines on the same logical network
  • Deploy Edge Gateway and connect logical networks. Verify connectivity between virtual machines connected to different logical networks by using Edge Gateway
  • Define SNAT rule for accessing external (VLAN) network from virtual machines connected to VXLAN networks
  • Publish three-tier application web service using Edge load balancing
  • Configure Edge firewall rules to only open required ports and protocols between tiers of the application
  • Configure Edge High Availability
  • Micro-segmentation using App Firewall
  • Flow monitoring using App Firewall

This lab is now available in the VMware Hands-on Lab portal.  This online environment lets you run a wide variety of labs from any web browser, and is free to anyone.  You can register for access by visiting, where you can also find documentation, community discussions, and the HOL blog. Search for HOL-SDC-1303 in the catalog after logging to Hands-on Lab portal.

I would like to thank Ray Budavari, Bill Call, Charu Chaubal, Joseph Dieckhans, Andrew Hald and Pablo Roesch for all their help in making this hands-on-lab available.

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