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New Fling: vCenter 5.1 Pre-Install Check Script

What is a fling?

For those of you who are new to VMware flings, a VMware fling is meant to be an application or a feature which was produced internally and could be useful to customers, not a fully baked production ready solution but a tool to help customers make their lives a little easier.

Or according to the fling site: A fling is a short-term thing, not a serious relationship but a fun one. Likewise, the tools that are offered here are intended to be played with and explored.

What is vCenter 5.1 Pre-Install Check Script?

vCenter 5.1 Pre-Install Check Script is a PowerShell script written to help VMware admins validate their environment and assess if it is ready for a 5.1.x upgrade or install, the script checks for common issues when updating or installing vSphere 5.1 and associated SSO services.

The script checks the Windows Server and Active Directory configuration and provides an on screen report of known issues or configuration issues, the script also provides a text report which can help with further trouble shooting.

All checks are read-only and no changes are made to the system.

Visit the fling site here to find out more information and download the script here:


The following areas are checked as read-only checks:

  • Operating System Checks
  • Active Directory Domain Checks
  • Active Directory Forest Checks
  • Time Synchronization Checks
  • Domain Name System (DNS) Resolution Checks
  • Port Checks
  • Domain Controller Checks
  • vCenter Server Authentication Checks

System Requirements

The following system requirements will need to be met for this script to run correctly:

  • Windows 2003/ Windows 2008/2008 R2 on 64bit in a domain environment.
  • .Net Framework 3.5.0 or above
  • PowerShell 2.0 or above
  • PowerShell must be able to run scripts (Execution Policy must be assigned correctly)
  • PowerCLI 5.1 is required for an upgrade scenario.
  • PowerShell must be launched as Administrator
  • Run in 64 Bit PowerShell (Do not run in PowerShell (x86))

Running the script

1. Download the fling zip file and unzip into a folder on the local drive.

2. Launch PowerShell from the start menu

3. CD to the location of the downloaded script file and launch the script, for example:

PS C:>cd Scripts

PS C:Scripts>.PreCheckv2.ps1

4. The script will run and a graphical application will be launched

5. If this script is being used to check an upgrade of vCenter from a previous version please enter the hostname of the vCenter server in the text box provided, if this is not the case then do not change this box.

6. Click “Run Checks”

7. Once completed it is suggested you check each result box to find the result information and click the “More Information” link to read more information about this potential issue.

Note: Results may vary and some checks may not work on systems configured with IPv6

Example Video

An example of this script running and more information can be found below.