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VMware vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 – Evaluation Videos

VMware vCloud Networking and Security is the leading software-defined networking and security solution that brings the flexibility and operational efficiency to the networks and network services in a data center.

In an earlier post here, I described the main components of the solution and discussed the concept of logical networks using overlay technology and different network services that are offered as part of the vCloud Networking and Security solution. We have put together the following three evaluation videos that will provide more details on how to deploy and configure the solution in a typical environment.

1)   vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 – Logical Network Preparation

This video demonstrates how to prepare an overlay network using VXLAN technology.

2)   vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 – Logical Network Consumption and Edge Gateway deployment

After configuring the overlay network in the first video, we will show how to connect virtual machines to these logical networks and also go through the Edge Gateway deployment. The Edge Gateway provides different network services such as Firewall, Load balancer, VPN, DHCP, NAT services.

3)   vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 – Logical Network Services

In this video we will demonstrate how two tiers of an application can be isolated from each other through the firewall service of the Edge Gateway. Also, a HTTPS load balancer service is configured across two web servers to improve the availability and performance experience of the end users .

As usual, I would love to hear your comments about these videos. Thanks for watching.

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