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What’s New In vCloud 5.1 API

The new vCloud Director 5.1 release introduces many new features and enhancements to the vCloud Director platform. These features of course are available for consumption via the vCloud 5.1 API. Here’s a small list on some of the new features that are available via the vCloud API:

  • vShield Edge Gateway Management
  • OrgVDC Networks
  • Metadata Tagging in Search/Filter
  • Filter improvements to Query Service
  • Storage Profiles
  • VM Snapshots
  • Attach/Detach Independent Disks
  • Many API/UI Parity fixes

In this release, we introduce a total of 231 new operations broken into the following categories:

  • 74 User Operations

  • 85 Extension Operations

  • 72 Admin Operations

To get a complete list of new vCloud 5.1 APIs, we have created a “difference” document called vCloud Director REST API Changes which provides the differences between the vCloud 1.5 and vCloud 5.1 API, be sure to bookmark this as it will be a very useful resource to have while learning about the new APIs!

We have also updated all three vCloud SDKs to support the latest vCloud Director 5.1 API, you can take a look at the links below for more details:

The other big enhancements to the vCloud API is the introduction of the vCloud API Extensions Framework. This new framework enables developers and partners to construct and deliver Cloud Services (*aaS APIs) that are tightly integrated into vCloud Director. An example of this could be Backup as a Service or Database as a Service and these new services can be provided directly to all or some of your tenants, all while leveraging the common services provided by vCloud Director such as logging, eventing, multi-tenancy, security, etc.

If you would like to start building new Cloud Service offerings within vCloud Director, be sure to check out the vCloud API Extension Programming chapter on how to get started.

Download: vCloud SDK for Java

Download: vCloud SDK for .NET

Download: vCloud SDK for PHP

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