By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

HP Lefthand has just joined EMC in the vSphere Metro Storage Cluster program. HP Lefthand was the first to certify for iSCSI as reported here by HP’s virtualization and storage evangelist Calvin Zito.

The HCL is now updated and contains a new section called “iSCSI Metro Cluster Storage” under “Test Configurations”. Also a brand new KB has been added around the implementation of an HP Lefthand multi-site solution, and in this KB the various failure scenarios are described. (Similar to the whitepaper that HP Lefthand released this week.)

For those interested in vMSC, a VMware branded whitepaper will be released in the upcoming 2 weeks. This whitepaper is written from a vSphere perspective and talks about Storage DRS datastore clusters, DRS rules and HA configurations. A must read…