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NimbleStorage now certified on the VMware Rapid Desktop Program

A few weeks back, I wrote about a conversation I had at Partner Exchange 2012 with Martin Lister. Martin is driving our Rapid Desktop Program (RDP) here at VMware. At the time, Martin mentioned that a number of our partners are lined up to certify their solutions. Well, one of our partners has just certified. Congratulations to NimbleStorage, who have just certified their VMware View POC Solution.
I have met the folks from NimbleStorage before, and have been very impressed with their storage products.

If you haven't heard, the Rapid Desktop Program allows customers to choose a solution (that includes storage) for their respective VMware View implementations. The certified solutions have gone through a rigorous testing process using the VMware View Planner Tool to simulate various application workloads. The solutions are then added to our HCL once they are certified. This simplifies the implementation process and reduces the time frame to deploy a VDI solution for customers since you can now pick a tried and tested solution that is VMware certified.

NimbleStorage have put together quite a bit of collateral around this certification. There is a very good blog post about the program from Nimble's Radhika Krishnan here. You can also read their press release, and the VMware Solutions Exchange page for their RDP View POC solution is here. Another very useful piece of collateral is their Best Practices Guide for Nimble Storage and VMware View which can be found here. Great job NimbleStorage.

Finally, on Thursday, March 8 there will be a joint webcast on NimbleStorage's RDP View POC solution with Cynthia Hsieh from the VMware EUC Solution Management team. You can register for the webinar here.

If you want to check out the certified solutions from our partners, simply go to the VMware HCL and select the category VMware View POC Solutions. Here is the certified solution from NimbleStorage taken directly from the HCL:

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