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VMware Partner Embotics Pushes Out Hyper-V Support Due to Greater vSphere Feature Demand

I saw this one this morning and wanted to share. I immediately thought of that CC Music Factory song that is titled something like "Things that Make You Go Hmmm" but then my next thought was "Yup, makes sense". This is good validation of where the market is right now based on what customers say and want, not what vendors tell you.


Excerpt from "The Register" (Key part is the second paragraph – Mike)

                 "According to Jason Cowie, vice president of product management at Embotics, as 2010 got underway, the company was convinced that Hyper-V was going to gain a lot of momentum and start seeing good uptake as an alternative to VMware's ESX Server hypervisor, which is embedded in its vSphere stack of virtual wares. Hyper-V support was in beta as the V-Commander 3.6 release, which was announced in August, started shipping.

                  "But as 2010 went on, Cowie says, paying customers at Embotics were asking for more features to control ESX Server, and those who were interested in using V-Commander to manage Hyper-V were pushing their rollouts of the Microsoft hypervisor to late 2011 or early 2012."

Link to the complete article in "The Register"

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