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FCoE Webcast coming up

My previous post was on why vSphere loves 10GigE. You can converge all those 1GigE links into a pair of 10GigE to not only improve your network performance but reduce the complexity of your infrastructure.

FCoE takes reduction of complexity one step further in eliminating the HBA, Fibre Channel links and adjacent Fibre Channel switches/directors and carries that traffic over lossless Ethernet.

In conjunction with Cisco and Emulex, we’ve been running a SAN Virtuosity series of webcasts with accompanying co-authored papers.

The next SAN Virtuosity webcast is on the topic of FCoE on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 9:00am PDT. This session will cover how you can converge your SAN and LAN with vSphere using FCoE. You can register here.

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