Blog Posts from Cycle 8 of the vSphere Blog Contest on ESXi

5 solid entries came in over the last two weeks on our focus topic: ESXi. Below are all five. 

    1.   Ron Singler – Migrating from ESX 3.5 to vSphere and ESXi

Ron’s post focuses in on an ESXi installation that occurred with a customer

2.    Didier Pironet – Why Should I Install ESXi instead of ESX?

Didier provides a strong comparison of ESXi and ESX 

3.    Vladan – The ESXi – COS less future of tomorrow

Vladan provides the story behind ESXi

4.    Stu – ESXi 4.0 Security

Stu lays out key security consideration with ESXi

5.    Alan Renouf – PowerCLI: Scripting ESXi

Alan gives users some useful PowerCLI information.

Thanks to all those that entered! Don’t forget to visit our new ESXi pages on