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vStorage Thin Provisioning Blog Entries

Thanks for your blog entries so far on vStorage Thin Provisioning. For those of you yet to post, you have until 11:59 this Friday to get your entry in for this cycle. Below are our entries to date (nice work folks!):

1. Rich Bramley

Rich brings together a few posts on the topic and relays a number of the key areas of focus for this features (using this in conjunction with storage layer thin provisioning, use cases, etc.).

2.Dwayne Lessner

Dwayne discusses how to get started and then weighs the pros and cons of the feature.

3. Vaughn Stewart (Entry 1)

Vaughn’s two part entry (see below) lays out the basics and then gets into the tie with Network Appliance hardware. A must read for users that have VMware running on Network Appliance gear. 

4. Vaughn Stewart (Entry 2)

5. Scott Sauer

Scott uses a coffee analogy to discuss Thin Provisioning and layers in a further discussion using principles from Six Sigma.

Don’t miss your chance at our $100 prize!

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