On behalf of all the great people working on VMware ESXi, I
want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Contributors to this blog are all ESXi insiders:  Key engineers, product managers, product
experts, and basically those in the know on where the product is going.   In the coming months, we plan to provide a
variety of information about ESXi, including product information, news, related
product announcements, cool customer stories, and notes from the developers.

At the end of the day, a product is only as good as its
value to customers.  We’d love to see
your comments on these postings, plus any other suggestions you might have for
how to make ESXi even better.

To kick off this blog with a bang, we are extremely proud
that VMware ESXi has been named 2008 Product of the Year by TechTarget’s

According to TechTarget, “The awards were presented by the editorial staff, judged in conjunction with a
team of users, industry experts, analysts, and consultants. The awards were
granted based on innovation, value, performance, reliability and ease of use.”  As one judge put it, "VMware's free ESXi
leads the virtualization platform market by continuing to offer the most
functionality and highest value of all the hypervisors available today."  VMware's press release provides additional information.

We encourage everyone to download and install VMware
.  It is an enterprise-class product
and is totally free;  it’s a great way to
get started with virtualization.  You can
use it to run small-scale production environments, as many customers have, or
you can use it to power a large-scale data center, again, as many customers
have.  Furthermore, it provides a great
on-ramp to the VMware Infrastructure platform, which layers great management
and availability features on top of ESXi. 
Give it a run!

Amir Sharif, ESXi Product Manager

VMware, Inc.