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My VMworld networking session hitlist

VMworld is the biggest event on our calendar and it will not be short of exciting announcements in the world of virtualization and networking. If you’re interested in networking and are going to VMworld here’s my hitlist of "must attend" sessions (in chronological order):

  1. Tuesday, Sep 16, 9:30am – TA2280 – Tech Preview: Virtual Switching Extensibility with VMware Infrastructure (Jacob Jensen, VMware & Paul Fazzone, Cisco) – Delfino 4102
  2. Tuesday Sep 16, 11:00am – Cisco Keynote: Designing the next generation Data Center – Cisco and VMware (Ed Bugnion, VP/CTO, Cisco) –
  3. Wednesday, Sep 17, 11:30am – TA3720 – Designing Data Centers with VM level Granularity (Paul Fazzone & Omar Sultan, Cisco) – Zeno 4609
  4. Wednesday, Sep 17, 3:00pm – TA2275 – Tech Preview:  VMware Infrastructure Virtual Networking – Future Directions (Andrew Lambeth, VMware) – Delfino 4005

If you want to get an understanding of the concepts and best practices of virtual networking then attend my session (TA2441) on Thursday at 11:00am in Titan 2203 or the repeat at 3:30pm in Marcello 4405. Shameless plug.

One of our senior engineers, Srinivas Neginhal, is holding an advanced network configuration and troubleshooting session on Thursday Sep 18 at 2:00pm in Zeno 4708.

Note that Ed Bugnion, the Cisco keynote speaker (#2 in the list above), is a co-founder of VMware and ex-CTO. He is now the CTO of Cisco’s Server Access and Virtualization BU. Ed is a great speaker and uniquely positioned to speak about the converging topics of networking and virtualization.

As a Platinum Sponsor of VMworld, some of my friends at Cisco are posting a few blog entries in anticipation of next week.   

Hope you all enjoy the conference! Should be fun.