Product Announcements

Deploying VI with Cisco

It’s Cisco Live (or Cisco Networkers as we used to know it) next week in Orlando , Florida. Cisco Live is held once a year in each of the major geographies around the world. Next week’s US event is the largest of these. I also attended the Cisco Live event in Barcelona in January. Sadly, I doubt I will make it to the September event in my birthplace of Brisbane, Australia. Maybe next year.

Anyway, so what better time is there to announce the publication of an in-depth deployment paper jointly authored by Cisco and VMware. We posted this paper about a week ago on the site. It’s around 90 pages, so no short read; but it delves into many of the considerations, architectures, etc in deploying VI with Cisco switches.

Oh, and by the way…. if you are going to Orlando next week, give me a hoy!