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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 25 – #tmupdate

By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

What a week. Most of use have been spending a lot of time in the lab and I guess the amount of blog posts shows that. Some cool articles here, especially the ones by Ken Werneburg stand out in my opinion. 

Blog posts: 


vExpert Spotlight: Roger Lund

RogerName: Roger Lund

Blog URL: www.vroger.com www.vbrainstorm.com

Twitter handle: rogerlund

Current employer: Array Services Group

How did you get into IT?
It just fit. I started working work study in while in college and just loved it. I took six months off, without any computer exposure, and found I missed the work, and the tinkering.
I found that I love working with computers, and therefore, I love what I do.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?
I was fascinated with VMware when I saw the first releases of VMware ESX 1.0 (Elastic Sky X)  and VMware GSX 1.0 (Ground Storm X).
I was amazed that software could so completely emulate bios, and that the operating system or systems sitting on it were so oblivious.
I knew then that Virtualization was a possible factor in the future of computing, and I have been excited about the future of the virtualization technology space ever since.

This is why I am so passionate about virtualization technology, and love to talk about it.
You will likely see me talking about every aspect of Virtualization!

Right,back on track.

As soon as I had the chance I co-founded a local Computer group based on general IT. www.centralmnit.com This held quarterly meetings discussing all matters of IT. I wanted others to have the opportunity to network, and to learn about technology. Soon as my knowledge about VMware grew, and the industry adoption grew, I found myself talking more and more about virtualization.

I was offered the chance to co-lead a VMware VMUG in Minneapolis MN, and soon after started one in St. Cloud MN.
It was during this period that I was selected as a VMware vExpert.

For me it has been both a fantastic opportunity to both increase my knowledge, and to share my experiences.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?
Read, Blogs! Build a home Lab, and then install the products and setup the software. Then start blogging about your experience.
Use twitter and reach out to those using VMware, and start using VMware yourself.
Attend VMware User Groups or VMUG's. These are meetings for VMware users to see technology and talk to other users about technology.
Try to attend as many events as you can, the interaction with other users is key.
Buy books, and training courses, these can be paramount in your path.

vExpert Spotlight: Preetam Zare

PreetamName: Preetam Zare

Blog URL: http://vcp5.wordpress.com

Twitter handle: techstarts

Current employer: Capgemini India Pvt Ltd


How did you get into IT?

 I’m basically mechanical engineer, in 4th of year engineering I realize I’m inclined to do something with computers. There was no reason to buy computer for me in year 1999 but I still bought. Then I kept buying computers, laptops and as latest as servers. I found trying out new things and sharing with a world a great source of joy. I gives you opportunity to say I’m different in a simple way.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

One fine morning my boss asked me to attend VI3.0 training. Till that time I wasn’t aware what VMware ESX product was. Those four days of training changed me and my mind set forever. vMotion I thought wow….it  means people are going to rush towards this technology. As I always wanted to do different things, I took this is an opportunity to focus on VCP310 and learn new things.

I immediately started focusing on VCP310 exam and in a process realize why not share what I’m learning and my first blog went online it was vmzare.wordpress.com. I bought a customized server which must have SCSI controller. In those days ESX needed SCSI controller to load.  Journey started and went on to VCP410 blog as VCP4.wordpress.com, while preparing for VCP4 I bought another server ML 150 G6 and learn everything about and blog about it. Then finally VCP5.wordpress.com I bought laptop with 8 GB RAM and learned and blogged about it.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

Learn new things, understand the market trend and keep one thing in mind, you will need at least one year to learn new technology thoroughly. Finally if you want to share knowledge start a blog.

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #192 – Vaughn Stewart’s new book, ThinApp Factory

John Troyer, @jtroyer
Alex Maier, @vmwarecommunity

Dean Flaming, VMware @SquidlyMan
Vaughn Stewart NetApp @vStewed

Link to Audio Recording
Vaughn Stewart's new book, ThinApp Factory

Virtualization News (VMTN Blog)
VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5 Now Generally Available!
Online VMware vSphere Bootcamp
ThinApp Factory Released
Relaunched VMwareTV on Youtube
VMware, Accenture, Cisco and the Public Sector Community Partner Together to Save Lives
Drum Roll Please – The VMworld Artist Is…
VMUG full-day user conferences are all the rage this month – Locate one near you

VMware End-User Computing Blog – VMware Horizon

VMware ThinApp and ThinApp Factory Community

VMware ThinApp Blog

ThinApp Packaging Community

View Clients Feed and Recipe

VMware Horizon Manual Configs Recipe

Adobe Reader Installs Feed

VMware View Clients 5.x

Download– ThinApp Factory

Thinapped vSphere Client

Virtualization Changes Everything Free Copies and Book Signings at Cisco Live

NetApp Storage Best Practices for VMware vSphere

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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 24 – #tmupdate

By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

Blog posts: 


vExpert Spotlight: Denny Cherry

Denny CherryName: Denny Cherry

Blog URL: http://www.mrdenny.com

Twitter handle: @mrdenny

Current employer: Self

How did you get into IT?

My father worked in IT when I was a kid for a now defunct mainframe company called WordPlex.  I’ve always had computers around me, and how they worked has always interested me, so getting into IT was a pretty natural step for me.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

I first started working with VMware back in the ESX 3.5 days at my first company that was using it where we ended up virtualizing a very large percentage of the servers at the company.  Over the years I’ve been giving presentations on how SQL Server should be best configured within VMware’s vSphere. 

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

I’d tell someone to jump in with both feet.  It’s a great job, but it does take a while to get setup with clients.  It is a blast to work on the various different projects though.

A week in virtualization

Last week, we have announced the general availability release of VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5. Horizon Application Manager gives corporate IT departments the ability to manage Windows-based applications, and public as well as private cloud applications, and provides holistic usage visibility. In turn, the corporate end-users get a simple secure workspace and an enterprise application catalog for on-demand access to any of their apps. This release is an important step for VMware as we continue to work towards our our vision of a singular management platform for end-user computing in the “Post-PC” Era. Check out the EUC blog at blogs.vmware.com/euc for more details.

The VMware vSphere Bootcamp has just launched yesterday. I this nine-part series, we show you how to get started and successfully roll out and deploy your IT infrastructure. We have sessions covering everything from storage and networking best practices, to virtualizing business-critical applications and advanced functionality. At the end of the bootcamp you will know how to build a flexible, efficient datacenter with VMware vSphere and transform your IT infrastructure!

After the bootcamp is complete, every registered participant will receive a free e-book with all the session slides in it. It is not too late to register and catch up. Simply go to communities.vmware.com, the link to the bootcamp is smack dab in the middle of the page, so go and get your free training today!

VMware’s ThinApp Factory is now freely available on our VMware Lab’s website. The ThinApp Factory is a virtual appliance that brings centralized administration and automation to the process of creating virtualized Windows applications with VMware ThinApp technology.

ThinApp Factory utilizes vSphere API's to spawn workloads that automatically convert fileshares of application installers into ThinApp application containers. These workloads can be run in parallel to maximize throughput and increase ROI for virtualization projects. Packagers and administrators can now utilize “Recipes” during this packaging process. Recipes are simply small JSON files, which contain a redistributable blueprint of the customizations and optimizations necessary for packaging complex applications.  These recipes can be created and now exchanged freely with other customers via the ThinApp Packaging Community site.

We also introduced the concept of “Feeds” with the Factory that allow administrators to subscribe RSS-style to a legitimized source for application installers from a Corp IT location or via a cloud-based service. Read more and get your ThinApp Factory appliance on the End User Computing blog at blogs.vmware.com/euc

A few days ago, we here in the Social Media group relaunched VMwareTV on Youtube with a new layout, some new features, and unified navigation connecting all VMware YouTube channels. We would like to know what you think, so share your comments by posting on each channel or by sharing the content with the social share buttons. Make sure you stay current on the latest videos by subscribing to VMware TV today. You can read more about our new Youtube presence on the VMTN blog at blogs.vmware.com/vmtn 

The Public Sector blog has a gripping personal account by one of my colleagues here at VMware who traveled to France with support of the VMware Foundation to participate in La Course du Coer, which is a 750km biking and relay event that takes teams of participants from Paris to French Alps to help raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. Visit blogs. vmware.com/publicsector for this uplifting and inspiring story.

The third hint in the “Guess the Artist” VMworld competition has been revealed yesterday. Some say that this artist has won a Grammy in their 20+ year career, and that he or she has been on the People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in the world list at least once. All we know, it’s the VMware Stig!

If you want to guess who the artist really is, and find out about rules and prizes, visit the VMworld official blog at vmworld.com/blogs/vmworld.

And finally, there are a number of VMUG full-day user conferences happening over the next couple of weeks. There’s one in Wisconsin, another in Salt Lake City, and a third one in Indianapolis. Go to myvmug.com to find a VMUG conference near you and to register.

vExpert Spotlight: Mike Laverick

Elvis-iconName: Mike Laverick

Blog URL: www.rtfm-ed.co.uk

Twitter handle: @mike_laverick

Current employer : Mike Laverick Ltd 


How did you get into IT?

When I was 21 I became a teacher – just for a year. Teaching English in a UK school. I hated it. What's more the kids hated me. So I quit, and went back to live with my parents, whilst I figured out what to do with my pathetic excuse for an existence.

The week after I got home, the local University sent me a magazine for Graduates. I opened the first page – and there was an ad looking for Graduates to teach computers to newbies. It was the early 90's and folks were getting Windows 3.x and people were learning "What is a Wordprocessor?" and "What is a spreadsheet?". 

I'd done a little bit of computer stuff at home. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the 80s. But I hadn't really kept with it. I sold the computer for record player and guitar – and had discovered alcohol and girls (in that order… for some reason I've always had a better relationship with drink than women. Go figure…). At University the most I'd done was typed up essays using Word for DOS. During teacher training I'd been lumbered with the "IT and English" part of the curriculum mainly I was the only member of staff without grey hair. So really what I knew about computers could have easily fitted on postage stamp.

So I blagged my way through the interview and the train-the-trainer programme. The rest, as they say is history. I progressed from applications onto networks (Novell Knitware 3.11 and Microsoft Windose NT 4.) Bit later on I got into Citrix MetaFrame. By 2001 then I'd been made redundant and started my own training and consultancy company. By 2003 I was bored with Citrix whose star was already declining…. 

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

I was bored. For while I looked at learning Linux. But that seems more of the same stuff I'd been doing, just a different OS. This VMware thing caught my eye. I'd been using Workstation in my classes for a while, but hadn't considered it as enterprise product until I saw ESX 2.0 and VirtualCenter 1.0. VMotion blew my socks off and I spent most 2004 learning the product desperately trying to make it into the VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) programme which at the time was only open to big education businesses (HP Ed, IBM Ed) or folks in the channel (Margius, DNS Arrow etc). In the end I got lucky when a student introduced me to the EMEA Manager of Education at VMware. They were desperate for freelancers like me – as the channel couldn't keep up with demand. 

So I eventually got myself into the programme. By then I was very active on the community forums, and had been writing my own personal guides as memory aid. One day I decided to put them online for free, in the hope that other people would find them useful.

By the end of the week my ISP had stopped my website because of excessive downloads.  I should have really charged $10 a download.  

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

I'm not sure I really have a job in the conventional sense. My main revenue generator was training until about 2009. I sold my website to TechTarget Inc, a Boston based media outlet. For the last two years I've been an author, blogger, podcast, public speaker and part-time Elvis impersonator. The media side of this thing is fine – and the Global VMUG have offered me a terrific opportunity to improve my presenting skills to a large audience. I'm much more business oriented and business benefits oriented than I used to be. Apart from the authoring I'm less "down in the weeds". 

Personally, I am where I am by a large dollop of luck and a large dollop of hard work. The luck was chancing upon VMware just before it exploded into the mainstream. I don't think that happens more than once in a lifetime. So my message would be keep open minded. Follow your gut. Work your socks off. When all those ducks line up in a row, tremendous things can happen that you would never have expected.

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #191 – Horizon App Manager, View Reference Architecture

John Troyer, @jtroyer
Alex Maier, @vmwarecommunity

Ben Goodman, VMware @benontech
Rory Clements, VMware

Link to Audio Recording
Horizon App Manager, View Reference Architecture

Virtualization News (VMTN Blog)
Project Serengeti, which is a highly available, managed Hadoop platform
VMware 2012 ChannelPro-SMB Readers’ Choice Awards in the category of Best Virtualization Vendor
Register NOW for VMworld Europe, which is taking place in Barcelona
Contest guess who will be playing at the VMworld 2012 party in San Francisco #VMworldBand

Alex thinks the #VMworldBand is Justin Bieber – well, uh, maybe…

VMUG full-day user conferences are all the rage this month – Locate one near you

VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5 Now Generally Available!

VMware Horizon Application Manager – Product Page

What is VMware Horizon Application Manager? 
Simplifies IT by centralizing application management in the post-pc era – Now IT can unify management of any SaaS, Web and Windows applications through the Horizon Application Catalog to securely deliver them to end-users on the device of their choice, increasing their flexibility while reducing the cost of complexity.

VMware Horizon Application Manager can be hosted or on premise

On-premise can be purchased by channel partners

Any Windows application can be launched through Horizon

[VMware EUC Blog] VMware EUC Portfolio: VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5

Design technical resources for VMware View

IBM Launching their new reference architecture

VMware View Desktop Solutions

The VMware Reference Architecture for Stateless Virtual Desktops on Local Solid-State Storage with VMware View 5

Reference Architecture is about scale and performance

Deployment Sizes – day to day 1000 desktops – swings to 300,000 government deployment

Consider virtualizing apps first (Thinapp), then move to VDI (View)

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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 23 – #tmupdate

By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

I guess everyone was watching the European Football Championship this week as it is a shortlist… Or  it could be due to the fact that VMworld is coming up and we are prepping for it. I know I voted for a couple of hundred sessions myself, and I can't wait for VMworld to get started! Here's this weeks list, although short I hope you will still enjoy it.

Blog posts: