PreetamName: Preetam Zare

Blog URL:

Twitter handle: techstarts

Current employer: Capgemini India Pvt Ltd


How did you get into IT?

 I’m basically mechanical engineer, in 4th of year engineering I realize I’m inclined to do something with computers. There was no reason to buy computer for me in year 1999 but I still bought. Then I kept buying computers, laptops and as latest as servers. I found trying out new things and sharing with a world a great source of joy. I gives you opportunity to say I’m different in a simple way.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

One fine morning my boss asked me to attend VI3.0 training. Till that time I wasn’t aware what VMware ESX product was. Those four days of training changed me and my mind set forever. vMotion I thought wow….it  means people are going to rush towards this technology. As I always wanted to do different things, I took this is an opportunity to focus on VCP310 and learn new things.

I immediately started focusing on VCP310 exam and in a process realize why not share what I’m learning and my first blog went online it was I bought a customized server which must have SCSI controller. In those days ESX needed SCSI controller to load.  Journey started and went on to VCP410 blog as, while preparing for VCP4 I bought another server ML 150 G6 and learn everything about and blog about it. Then finally I bought laptop with 8 GB RAM and learned and blogged about it.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

Learn new things, understand the market trend and keep one thing in mind, you will need at least one year to learn new technology thoroughly. Finally if you want to share knowledge start a blog.