vExpert Spotlight 2012

This is the first in the series of the 2012 vExpert Spotlight posts, which will feature our current 2012 vExperts throughout the year. The idea of these postings belongs to Gregg Robertson, one of our vExperts, who came up with the idea last year. The spotlights were a great success with 54 profiles being published last year which received a large amount of attention for the individuals, their blogs and the VMware vExpert Community as a whole. Seeing as there are 333 returning vExpert’s within which there are almost all the people who submitted and whose vExpert Spotlight entries were published last year, it was felt that it was only right to make the first vExpert Spotlight posting one with all the returning vExperts’ spotlights listed from last year. Congrats to all.

Returning vExperts’ 2011 Spotlight’s


Kong Yang

Justin Lauer

Lars Troen

Niclas Borgström

Simon Gallagher

Scott Vessey

André Pett

Brian Knudtson

Barry Coombs

Henk Arts

Jonathan Franconi

Giuseppe Guglielmetti

Darren Woollard

Brian Atkinson

Kendrick Coleman

Luca Dell'Oca

Piergiorgio Spagnolatti

Jase McCarty

Alastair Cooke

Jeremiah Dooley

Marcel Van Den Berg

Joep Piscaer

Jonathan Medd

Maish Saidel-Keesing

Andrew Hancock

Stephen Beaver

Hal Rottenberg

David Davis

Michael Letschin

Michael Poore

Erik Scholten

David Owen

Tim Washburn

Edward L Haletky

Julian Wood

Damian Karlson

Gabrie (Gabe) van Zanten

Andrew Mauro

Matt Liebowitz

Chris Dearden

Jim Millard

Shane Williford

Christian Mohn

Greg Schulz

Ricky El Qasem

James Bowling

Bilal Hashmi

Jane Rimmer

Bill Hill

Kanuj Behl

Calvin Zito


Keep an eye out for all of this year’s 2012 vExpert Spotlight postings which will include all the new vExperts as well as returning vExperts who didn't have their vExpert Spotlight postings posted last year.