vExpert Spotlight: Luca Dell’Oca

Twitter Handle: dellock6
Blog URL: http://www.vumeuer.it
Current Employer: Moresi.Com SA

How did you get into IT in the first place?

It's has always been a passion since I was a teenager, and it all started with the Amiga 500. After I stopped studying at University i said to me "well, if I'm good with computers, maybe I can get a career out of it". 

So I started in 2000 at a tiny IT company, we were working on small companies configuring MS servers and applications like Exchange 5.5, SQL and others. After four years I started my own consultancy firm with my best friend, and we tried to do something more focused on security, I also gained CISSP and BS7799 (now upgraded to ISO27001) certifications in 2004.

I closed the Information Security firm in 2008, and from 2009 to August 2011 I worked for a consulting firm in Italian Switzerland, as Senior Consultant, SysAdmin and Architect.

From September 1st I work for Moresi.Com SA, we run our own vSphere/vCloud datacenter and we offer hybrid clouds solutions to customers; I'm Head of the Professional Services area, and I work with customers to develop their internal VMware environments and to connect them with our VMware datacenter.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2011 vExpert?

I "discovered" VMware in 2006 as many people using VMware workstation and the (never forgotten!!) GSX, and I used the latter in production eversince. I started using ESX from 3.0 version and I never stopped. I got both VCP3 and VCP4 and in these years I got the possibility to put my hands on almost every product VMware did.

I started my "social life" about VMware on November 2008 with my blog www.vuemuer.it. I wrote about 600 articles during these years, mainly in italian, and first feedback were great since not so many guys, even in IT, knows well english in Italy.

After almost 3 years of blogging, my blog has about 600-700 daily readers and from august it's written also in english.

I'm also one of the VMUG Italian Chapter co-founders in early 2011 and we already did our first meeting with about 100 attendees. A second one is expected in October and we hope to increase that number.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

From my experience made of both failures and achievements, besides basic issues like a good wage and others, find a company that can let you and help you grow. Avoid if you can companies that only want you to fill your daily agenda to have more and more billable hours, without left time to study. This is a super-fast changing world so we all need to keep oursleves updated as much as we can, so is critical to have some sort of a lab, spare time to study, and the trust in you to give you new activities where you can really learn something new.


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