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A week in virtualization

Today, you can join in the Beta testing fun for the new customer portal we’ve been working on for the past months. It is called My VMware and is focused on simplifying and streamlining your interactions with us. It will allow you to more easily manage your licenses and support, and it’s coming in the first half of 2012. Read more and join the beta on the VMware Support Insider blog at blogs.vmware.com/kb

vFabric Application Performance Manager is now available, to deliver a new approach to managing applications in the cloud. It is focused on managing the health and performance of applications deployed on virtual and cloud infrastructures, and a result of more than 18 months’ of innovation and development work, combined with know-how from several acquisitions such as B-Hive, Spring Source and Hyperic, to name just a few. Read all about VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager on Rethink IT blog at blogs.vmware.com/rethinkit

The VMware vSphere team has posted a detailed tutorial on the use of the new software FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) adapter. So now, if you have a NIC which supports partial FCoE offload, this adapter will allow you to access LUNs over FCoE without needing a dedicated HBA or third party FCoE drivers. All the details and lots of screen shots are on blogs.vmware.com/vsphere

Our vCloud team has published part Four of the Best Practices series for providers offering vCloud-powered services. This one talks about how to make your cloud safe and secure with VMware vShield. Read it in full on blogs.vmware.com/vcloud

Business-critical Applications blog has shared the second part of their Oracle on vSphere article, talking about deploying 11gr2 RAC using VMFS. Find it at blogs.vmware.com/apps

The Labs team has released a new fling today, called I/O analyzer, which is a virtual appliance that provides a simple and standardized way of measuring storage performance in a vSphere environment. It automates the traditional storage performance analysis cycle, so that you can get your performance diagnosis in hours instead of days. Learn more and download I/O analyzer on labs.vmware.com

Today we had a guest on the weekly Community podcast to talk about the new Global Alliances blog: Gina Bollenback from Alliance Marketing.

Then there is a list of new features in version 5.0 of PowerCLI on that team’s blog at blogs.vmware.com/vipowershell

Additionally, you can check out vmware.com/company/news for official news and announcements from our company.

On Facebook, the vCloud team has shared a link to a customer video, showcasing how NYSE Euronext use our solutions to help their clients optimize critical workload. Visit facebook.com/vmwarevcloud to find that link.

VMware Fusion team has linked to a video review of Fusion 4 by Spiked Studio. This two-and-a-half-minute video offers a quick review of what they liked, the stability and ease of moving images into place. Find the link on facebook.com/vmwarefusion

We have five webcasts scheduled at this time, one about  Network Design and Security for View, another about vFabric SQLFire, and two intros to VMware View 5 in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as one about Security Enhancements for Agencies’ Virtualized Environments. Go to webcasts.vmware.com to read more about them and to register.

The following VMUGs are going to be meeting over the next week: Nashville, Hampton Roads, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Phoenix, St. Cloud, Tampa, San Diego, Adelaide, Indianapolis, Romania, New Orleans, Western Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

A full-day user Summit is starting in an hour in Melbourne, so even if you have to drop everything and drive twice the speed limit to make it, go there. In case you don’t know what full-day user conferences are, they’re like mini-VMworlds, really, with a full schedule of talks and interesting speakers, as well as opportunities to network and mingle.

Also, the Baltimore vBeers is meeting next week on the 14th.