Oracle Databases on VMware vSphere – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed on the best practices for deploying Oracle databases on VMware. In Part 2, let us discuss on how to deploy Oracle 11gr2 RAC on VMware vSphere using VMFS.

Oracle 11gr2 RAC Deployment on VMware vSphere using VMFS

Oracle DBAs planning to virtualize Oracle RAC on the VMware platform should work with a VMware and storage administrator to successfully deploy Oracle 11gr2 RAC on VMware vSphere using VMFS.

Most of the aspects of the virtualized installation are the same as with a physical RAC installation – See below deployment process diagram where the green colored steps represents VMware specific tasks.

Once the virtual machines are created and configured as shown in the below Oracle RAC Node 1 VM Properties (Clone from the first VM for multiple nodes), install Oracle 11gr2 Grid Infrastructure and RAC on the RAC VMs as you install on physical servers.

For more details on deployment guidelines for Oracle 11gr2 RAC on VMware vSphere click on the image below

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In Part 3 we will look into how to live migrate (VMware vMotion) Oracle 11gr RAC Database VM during user workload.