It’s no secret that security concerns are one of the biggest inhibitors to public cloud adoption – many customers fear moving their workloads to the public cloud, because they believe that the infrastructure they host themselves is safer and more secure than a public cloud. However, providers of vCloud Powered service offerings can attract more customers and customer workloads by demonstrating how VMware technologies can deliver higher levels of security, making their virtual datacenters safer and more secure, and often at a lower cost than hosting themselves. This is the 4th installment in our series on best practices for service providers with vCloud Powered offerings.

With VMware vShield Edge and vShield App, providers with vCloud Powered service offerings can offer their customers a comprehensive range of security options that best meet their organization’s needs.

VMware vShield Edge technologies are integrated into VMware vCloud Director to enable service providers to support their customers with their own secure and dedicated virtual infrastructure. The full VMware vShield Edge product provides site-to-site VPN connectivity with 256-bit encryption to protect the confidentiality of all data transmitted between datacenters, making cloud computing even more safe, easy and secure for customers.

For added value, customers can also take advantage of VMware vShield App, a hypervisor-based firewall solution for virtual datacenters with capabilities that can help increase the value of VMs to customers. 

By basing their offerings on VMware technologies, providers with vCloud Powered services are already leading the market by providing secure, resilient, and compatible public clouds. Through this blog series, we hope we have been able to help providers with vCloud Powered service offerings discover new ways to capture more of their market and increase monthly revenues. Technologies from VMware can help service providers with vCloud Powered offerings establish new revenue streams for added services that offer real value to customers.

In case you missed them, be sure to check out Part I, Part II and Part III in this series. For future updates and tips about VMware’s vCloud Powered program, be sure to follow us at @vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter!