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Blue Pill Cage Match

Just search for blue pill hypervisor to get the background. We’ve talked about it here before. VMware’s Beng-Hong Lim and Keith Adams weighed in. Now Thomas Ptacek and Nate Lawson have challenged Joanna Rutkowska to a cage match at this year’s Black Hat Briefings conference. I think at this point the argument is more about theoretical detectability in the field, Joanna having conceded that one can always check timing, but arguing that you can’t prove the negative that a virtualization-based rootkit will never be invented. I am not losing any sleep.

Scoble interviews Mendel with sneak peek at new record/replay demo

Robert Scoble interviews VMware co-founder and chief scientist Mendel Rosenblum:

An interesting 30 minute interview from PodTech’s ScobleShow that starts with an overview of what VMware does and goes on from there about solving challenges in the data center, how virtualization on the desktop helped VMware move into the data center, virtual appliances, and how virtualization can help security. Link: A talk with VMWare’s lead geek | PodTech.net.

In a companion piece, Mendel and VMware engineer Min Xu give a demo of Record/Replay, and then show a brand new demo: first they record a run of program with a bug, hit the bug, and then they re-run those same machine instructions, but this time running through an assert-enabled version of exactly the same code. This time the patched-in asserts in the code catch the bug, and they can then start their debugger and see exactly what happened. Yow. Is this the end of the heisenbug?

Link: Demo of VMWare’s latest virtualization technology | PodTech.net.

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Link: Video Contest for Virtualization Stories – VMware.

Why was Workstation named the best software development product?

Dave Marshall nails it:  InfoWorld Virtualization Report | VMware Workstation Named the Best Software Development Product

At first glance, that might seem strange to you. After all, with all the software development tools out there, why would readers choose a virtualization platform to be the winner? Simple. If you have ever worked as a developer, I bet you understand the pain of fighting for equipment, provisioning and re-provisioning the equipment and trying to reproduce bugs found by the testing team. VMware’s Workstation product helps with all of that. By leveraging virtualization products such as this, software developers can easily and quickly provision multi-tier environments and accelerate their software development life-cycle. It proves to be a real time saver and it allows developers to do what they do best, write code.

Mendel Rosenblum: Operating systems are old and busted | The Register

Link: Operating systems are old and busted | The Register.

USENIX – Operating systems aren’t so
great. They lounge like bloated monarchs on a database server — getting
far more credit than they’re worth. Clutched in their sausage fingers
are the keys to a kingdom far too vast to properly manage.

But Stanford professor Mendel Rosenblum believes virtualization may
be the guillotine that cuts the OS reign down to size. Rosenblum, who
is also a founder of VMware, called for heads to roll during his
opening keynote at the USENIX conference in Santa Clara…Virtually
roll, of course.

Fusion Beta 4 … now with Unity

The new beta release of VMware Fusion is now available. From Srinivas Krishnamurti on the Console Blog, Update on VMware Fusion:

Later tonight you will have access to VMware Fusion Beta 4.  This final
beta introduces features we are extremely proud of and ones that will
showcase our attention to detail and quality of work.  The two features
I wanted to highlight are: [Unity and a Customizable Toolbar].

Also, we moved the VMTN Fusion Beta Forum out into the public area since there has been so much interest. Go ahead, check out what’s happening in the beta test.

Have fun. Scott seems to like it:

VMware Fusion Beta 4 has been released (get it here),
and with it comes Unity.  In a word: Wow!  It’s pretty disconcerting to
see Windows applications (like a command prompt, Internet Explorer, or
Visio) running side-by-side with Camino, Mail.app, and NetNewsWire.
Interleave windows?  Not a problem.  Drop shadows?  There.
Minimization effects?  Yep.  Aside from the window decorations, you
would be hard-pressed to tell which applications were running natively
in Mac OS X or in virtualization.

And that, my friends, is the heart of what I described ages ago (OK, perhaps it only seems like ages ago) as application agnosticism.
With virtualization technology and UI integration like this, who cares
what OS an application is written for?  Of course, we still have a ways
to go to fully realize application agnosticism, since Unity is only
available for Mac OS X (not Linux or Windows), but this is a powerful
step in the right direction.

Coherence? Meet Unity

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Tony says: "VMware may have taken its time doing it but a sneak preview of Fusion oozes good design sensibility, with Windows integration that blows the pants off anything you’ve seen before. Move, resize and stack your Windows apps as if they were running directly on your Mac; it feels like you’ve liberated them from their ugly prison ;-)"

Announcing the 2007 VMware Virtual Vanguard Awards

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