Scoble interviews Mendel with sneak peek at new record/replay demo

Robert Scoble interviews VMware co-founder and chief scientist Mendel Rosenblum:

An interesting 30 minute interview from PodTech’s ScobleShow that starts with an overview of what VMware does and goes on from there about solving challenges in the data center, how virtualization on the desktop helped VMware move into the data center, virtual appliances, and how virtualization can help security. Link: A talk with VMWare’s lead geek | PodTech.net.

In a companion piece, Mendel and VMware engineer Min Xu give a demo of Record/Replay, and then show a brand new demo: first they record a run of program with a bug, hit the bug, and then they re-run those same machine instructions, but this time running through an assert-enabled version of exactly the same code. This time the patched-in asserts in the code catch the bug, and they can then start their debugger and see exactly what happened. Yow. Is this the end of the heisenbug?

Link: Demo of VMWare’s latest virtualization technology | PodTech.net.


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