VMware Workstation

Why was Workstation named the best software development product?

Dave Marshall nails it:  InfoWorld Virtualization Report | VMware Workstation Named the Best Software Development Product

At first glance, that might seem strange to you. After all, with all the software development tools out there, why would readers choose a virtualization platform to be the winner? Simple. If you have ever worked as a developer, I bet you understand the pain of fighting for equipment, provisioning and re-provisioning the equipment and trying to reproduce bugs found by the testing team. VMware’s Workstation product helps with all of that. By leveraging virtualization products such as this, software developers can easily and quickly provision multi-tier environments and accelerate their software development life-cycle. It proves to be a real time saver and it allows developers to do what they do best, write code.


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  1. Because I agree that Workstation is an awesome product for developers, I would like to see it on the Mac OS, because Fusion < Workstation (multiple snapshots is a must for me just the same as version control for my source code is a must for me).

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