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“Kickstart” your vSAN journey with 3 for 2


Many small to medium businesses with tight IT budgets and staffing constraints would relish the opportunity to refresh their IT infrastructure with the latest and greatest technologies. With data growing exponentially, there is a renewed focus on having a flexible yet resilient storage system to meet business needs. However, cost and operational overhead are two Read more...

Cut Storage Administration Time by 40% with vSAN!


Capital costs (CAPEX) contribute significantly to any purchasing decision related to enterprise storage, but over the life of the asset, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is dominated by ongoing operational costs (OPEX) – both management administration and maintenance of the device. This study focuses on the Management OPEX savings with vSAN, VMware’s market leading solution Read more...

Take the plunge into HCI – Run a simple vSAN Assessment!


Hyper-converged infrastructure has quickly become the hottest topic in the data center modernization journey. However, many customers are still evaluating how to best assess their HCI needs. Fear not! A very simple and quick vSAN Assessment may provide you the answer. The vSAN Assessment was launched in 2015 and has now seen widespread adoption with Read more...