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vSAN SPBM policies

Managing Your Data on vSAN with SPBM


In today’s storage landscape, there is a myriad of choices. But what sets VMware managed storage apart, whether vSAN or VVols, is storage policy-based management. By using SPBM policies to manage your storage, the arduous and inefficient process of setting up specific storage LUNs or volumes is no longer required. In the previous blog, I talked Read more...

Using SPBM Policies to Manage Your Virtual Volumes (VVols)


  In the first of the SPBM series, we talked about Tag based Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM). Next, in the series, we will review how you can manage Virtual Volumes (VVols) using SPBM. If you are unfamiliar with VVols, take a look at Storagehub for an overview and more details on what and how Read more...

Using Tag-Based SPBM Policies to Manage Your Storage


In this series about SPBM, (Storage Policy Based Management), we will review and explore the many options in using SPBM to manage your virtual storage environment. SPBM policies are categorized into three main areas; Storage Capabilities and Services, Data Services and Tags. Storage Capabilities and Services SPBM policies are used when datastores, such as vSAN Read more...

VMworld Deep Thoughts


  As VMworld season approaches, and the VMworld catalog is live, you may have some questions. You may ask yourself “Where do I start with so much material”? And you may ask yourself “Who’s session should I attend?” And you may wonder “How do I get into that party?” And you may ask yourself “Where Read more...

What’s new with vSphere 6.7 Core Storage


  Announced today, vSphere 6.7, and several new features and enhancements to further the advancement of storage functionality are included. Centralized, shared storage remains the most common storage architecture used with VMware installations despite the incredible adoption rate of HCI and vSAN. As such, VMware remains committed to the continued development of core storage and Read more...