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vSphere 6.5 Core Storage

What about vSphere 6.5 Core Storage?


Both Cormac Hogan and I have been asked this question many times: You guys write a lot about vSAN, but what about Core Storage? And it is a very valid question to be honest, it just happens that for the past 2-3 years our primary focus has been, and will be, vSAN. That doesn't mean Read more...

Trend Micro Branching Out with Virtual SAN


  Last week I had the pleasure to talk to Arsenio Mateos who works as a Virtualization SME and architect at Trend Micro. They have an interesting environment as you can imagine and offices around the world. Arsenio had mentioned that they are looking to use VSAN in the near future for their VDI workloads Read more...

Virtual SAN licensing and Packaging for Virtual SAN 6.1


Over the last couple of weeks we have received various questions on Virtual SAN licensing and Packaging for Virtual SAN 6.1. A lot of the questions were around the “ROBO” and the "Stretched Cluster" use case. We are hoping that the below table will clarify any confusion / questions you may have. Before you go Read more...

Stretch Across Metro, Replicate Across Geo… Go VSAN!


  This week I was talking to a customer and they were wondering if it would be possible to both stretch VSAN across metro distance and at the same time replicate VMs to a third site, geo distance. I realized it isn't something we have really spoken about so far, but it actually was part of our Read more...

Support for Non-Uniform/Heterogeneous VSAN clusters? Yes!


Over the last couple of weeks I've been asked this question by various field people and potential customers: does VMware support non-uniform / heterogeneous VSAN clusters? The question typically comes during the pre-sales stage and by the sounds of it is one of those myths that competitors use to give their product the edge in Read more...

Virtual SAN Going Offshore


Over the last couple of months I have been talking to many Virtual SAN customers. After having spoken to so many customers and having heard many special use cases and configurations I’m not easily impressed. I must say that half way during the conversation with Steffan Hafnor Røstvig from TeleComputing I was seriously impressed. Read more...