vSAN Quick Questions

Ready to further your technical vSAN knowledge? With our new vSAN Quick Questions YouTube series led by John Nicholson and Pete Koehler of VMware, there has never been a better time to achieve a deeper understanding of vSAN storage virtualization!

For 100 days, the vSAN team will share a new Quick Questions video daily on our Twitter channel. That’s right, every day! These insightful videos range from 1.5-5 minutes in length, so they’re perfect little bits of wisdom you can soak up at any time. Each week, we’ll upload the questions shared on Twitter as a centralized resource, so just in case you miss one, be sure to bookmark this page.

Time to get started on this 100 days of vSAN journey. Watch what we’ve posted so far in the links below:

Question 1:  What are the top considerations when migrating a VM to a vSAN cluster?

Question 2: How do I replace or upgrade a vSAN witness host appliance?

Question 3: What is a vSAN Disk Group?

Question 4: How much capacity can I use in a vSAN cluster?

Question 5: What is the difference between VM Encryption and vSAN Encryption?

Question 6: Can I use different types of drives in a vSAN cluster?

Question 7: Can I use 100Gb network cards in my vSAN hosts?

Question 8: How do I troubleshoot vSAN networking performance?

Question 9: Why do I need a 3rd host or a witness for vSAN to store data?

Question 10: How do I configure VMware HA for a vSAN cluster?

Question 11: How can I make a vSAN host reboot faster?

Question 12: How often should I patch or upgrade vSAN?

Question 13: When should I use vSAN Deduplication and Compression?

Question 14: Can I use vSAN in the cloud?

Question 15: Should I use the vSphere NKP or an external KMS for vSAN Encryption?

Question 16: Which data placement scheme should I use in vSAN – RAID-1 or RAID-5/6?

Question 17: How many disk groups in a vSAN host do I need?

Question 18: What type of cache device should I choose? SATA, SAS, or NVMe?

Question 19: What are the benefits of NVMe and Optane devices in vSAN?

Question 20: What should I consider when using SATA drives for vSAN?