Feature in Five: vSAN Data Placement and Availability

Welcome to “Feature in Five” our byte-sized yet expansive explanation of various industry-leading VMware product solutions, all in -you guessed- five short minutes! Last time, we video-profiled Cloud-Native Storage on vSAN; in this edition, we turn our attention to vSAN Data Placement and Availability.

In this Feature in Five, our vSAN expert, Jeff Hunter, demos how vSAN places data and provides redundancy based on storage policy assigned to a virtual machine (VM). When IT managers change a given storage policy, vSAN automatically makes the change on the back end. This approach is simpler and less wasteful that the traditional way of doing things. The storage policy-based management (SPBM) in a vSAN environment contains the rules, now whether an IT administrator defines the level of failures to tolerate (FTT) =1, or for instance FTT =3, vSAN will ensure enough replicas of your object are created within the cluster. The resync automatically happens on the back end. With vSAN 6.7 Update 3, several enhancements improve resync activity which you can find in the blog.

For more information and demo’s visit: StorageHub

Try our vSAN 6.7 Hands-On Lab here, and our vSAN 6.7 Advanced Hands-On Lab here


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