I would like to draw your attention to a few sessions at VMworld 2019 that will be particularly exciting, by some of the leaders in the Hyperconverged Infrastructure Business Unit.

vSAN and the VMware Cloud Foundation are seeing unprecedented adoption, and these sessions by our business leaders help you understand not just how they work, but how they enable you to transform the way IT itself works, setting out a foundation for the future where IT is even more agile and responsive.

HCI is a transformative technology, bringing together storage, networking and compute into a single management structure, creating an abstraction layer that makes your environment homogeneous and manageable whether deploying containers or VMs, on-premises or in the cloud.  These sessions are selected to offer you a vision not just into how VMware is enabling a hybrid cloud model, but how we are creating this through a software-first paradigm that shifts you from managing infrastructure, to managing policies.

If you’re interested in hearing what our leadership vision is for HCI make sure to check out these sessions and add them to your calendar for VMworld!


Showcase Keynote: HCI – The Foundation for your Future-proof Infrastructure [HCI3551KU]

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has become the must-have infrastructure that spans the datacenter, edge locations, and the public cloud. It unleashes business agility by simplifying IT and providing consistent operations across clouds. As the foundational platform for traditional applications, cloud native applications, and hybrid cloud, HCI eliminates IT silos and future-proofs your infrastructure. In this session, you will hear from thought leaders and customers who are at forefront of HCI, pushing the envelope on vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation. Up-level your HCI knowledge, get a sneak-peek at what’s coming, and see demos of the latest capabilities. Attend this session so you can lead one of the most transformative IT trends for your organization.


Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist

John Gilmartin, SVP & GM HCIBU



Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Present and Future [HCI2733BU]

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has simplified the management of data centers by providing a single, holistic way to manage all infrastructure components. In this session, we will review all the technical innovation that has made HCI possible, and how HCI is evolving as a stepping stone for hybrid cloud and the key technical challenges in this evolution. Find out the specific functionalities that VMware is investing in to enable this evolution.


Srinivasan Murari, VP, R&D

Vijay Ramachandran, VP, Product Management



A New Model for IAAS: Shifting SLAs to VMware with VMC on Dell EMC [HCI3560BU]

Traditional infrastructure requires customers to manage datacenter silos of physical compute, storage, and network resources, each with a disparate security model. This legacy approach demands deep expertise and typically involves a capex consumption model that is not suited to modern application deployment. The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC offering is the first VMware-managed HCI solution deployed on-premises. This new approach to infrastructure management eliminates old silos, and gives private cloud customers access to VMware-managed infrastructure with all the benefits of on-premises control and security. Attend this session to learn how VMware and Dell EMC are helping customers rethink management responsibilities for on-premises datacenters: With VMC on Dell EMC you can shift IT from managing infrastructure, to managing applications.


Lee Caswell, Vice President Products, HCI Business Unit

Matt Morgan, VP Marketing, Cloud Platform Business Unit







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