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VMware Cloud on AWS

#StorageMinute: Data-at-Rest Encryption within VMware Cloud on AWS

Welcome to the StorageMinute series where we deliver key topics via bite-size content. In this edition, we will demonstrate how vSAN Data-at-Rest Encryption is used to provide compliance ready encryption within the VMware Cloud on AWS Service.

Security has been paramount since the introduction of the VMware Cloud on AWS Service. VMware vSAN fulfills a vital role in the service by securing data at rest with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.  This critical capability is a standard feature included with every VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.  Empowering customers to bring their most sensitive data, subject to the most demanding compliance standards directly into the service.




For more information check out the VMware Cloud on AWS Compliance ready Data-at-Rest Encryption post for a detailed overview.

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