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Evolve Without Risk: Enhance Visibility, Management and Control with vSAN

So, you’ve got your hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) up and running—great! But that’s just step one. The logical next step is to evolve simply and efficiently into a full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure so that you can enhance your visibility into management and control of your infrastructure. Enter vSAN, which can help alleviate your storage infrastructure dependencies and improve the architecture of your virtualized environment. Let’s take a closer look at how vSAN can help you achieve greater visibility, management and control.


Increased visibility and simplification of storage environment

 At its core, hyperconverged infrastructure reduces operational costs thanks to tightly-integrated hardware and software solutions that eliminate the complexities surrounding fiber channel networks, purpose-built storage and complex LUN planning. With vSAN, a single, converged IT team can monitor and manage both compute and storage resources in less time, freeing up personnel to focus on other strategic priorities thanks to a more simplified storage environment.


Discovery Limited, an insurance company and financial services provider, dramatically simplified and gained deeper visibility into their storage environment by deploying vSAN and implementing its management and automation features. This greater visibility and understanding of their existing workloads through increased insights around KPIs allowed Discovery to more strategically and effectively provision their storage environment.


Greater control of infrastructure stack

vSAN 6.7, the latest iteration of the software, provides replica component consolidation for an enhanced level of intelligence that makes the management and ongoing placement of object components in your storage environment a much more efficient process. This all translates into more control over your full-stack infrastructure which Discovery Limited capitalized on to reduce dependencies on third-party suppliers and costly disk arrays, lowering total cost of ownership in the process.


“The vSAN platform has given us greater control of our infrastructure stack as well as improved management of our VMware environment,” Johan Marais, virtualization manager at Discovery, said. “It has also provided greater performance and simplification of the SAN infrastructure, afforded us freedom when scaling as well as flexibility in our choice of hardware.”



Better scale the storage infrastructure

Last but certainly not least, vSAN can help you scale your storage infrastructure so that you can better prepare for tomorrow’s dynamic business in the multi-cloud era. As a solution designed to utilize the latest storage and server technologies with support for a wide range of applications, vSAN provides a common storage platform whether you’re running on-premises or off-premises that can be used as a stepping stone to the hybrid cloud. Folding NSX into the mix will extend the on-premises storage and management services of your vSAN-powered SDDC stack across different public clouds to establish a consistent experience all around.


For example, vSAN afforded Discovery a new design which allows them to do quarterly growth approximations on compute, storage and network because their platform now scales horizontally. This is a huge value add for the company as it grants a significantly shortened time to provision their storage elements.


Evolve Risk-Free

No matter your industry or business needs, the ability to evolve and remain profitable is essential for success across the board. Deploying vSAN can help reduce your infrastructure costs and grow non-disruptively as your needs evolve. More often than not, this encompasses greater visibility, management and control of your infrastructure and storage environment.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get inspired to Migrate to vSAN today! Read more about our solutions by visiting our blog and following us on Twitter (@vmwarevsan). Clear eyes, full stack hyperconverged infrastucture, can’t lose!


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