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Remote Office Operations: Scaling with vSAN ROBO

It’s becoming clear that remote offices are not just some passing fad, but rather the new normal for modern businesses. To rein in ever increasing costs, enterprises must adapt their storage solutions to meet the demands of the changing workplace. Though it may seem like the most obvious option, purchasing large amounts of storage upfront is highly discouraged and can lead to high overhead costs and not to mention, unused storage.

Operationally, managing and operating remote offices can be woefully inefficient. Remote offices that rely on physical desktops often require IT staff to travel frequently for in-person fixes, while employees experience prolonged downtown, resulting in high costs and low productivity. Enterprises have looked to virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) to solve this challenge, but it requires the right approach.

With VMware hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by vSAN, you can reap the benefits of shared storage, scale operations and take advantage of the software stack for your remote office and branch office (ROBO)! Your enterprise can expect enhanced productivity when you cut down on network connectivity issues. With VMware hyperconverged infrastructure powered by vSAN, you’ll increase response time, decrease downtime and expedite operations, from deployment to ongoing operations.


Efficient Operations and Flexible Licensing:



Operating an entire workplace environment remotely is easier said than done. But after adopting vSAN across multiple branches, one credit union scales operations more efficiently.  Thanks to vSAN ROBO, the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU) has centralized management.They can manage remote branches with little to no IT, allowing a simple, cost-effective and high availability solution that can be managed from a main data center.

Deploying vSAN ROBO allows businesses to choose from vSAN flexible license per VM or per CPU for greater flexibility and value. vSAN for ROBO licenses are priced per virtual machine (per VM) and sold in a package of 25 licenses. A 25-pack of licenses can be shared across multiple locations. For example, five remote offices can run five virtual machines each. This approach provides deployment flexibility and helps minimize the cost of smaller infrastructures commonly found at remote offices. And if a business should surpass that number, it’s simple to upgrade licensing to vSAN Standard, Advanced or Enterprise with no virtual machine downtown. Systems Architect Mark Fournier notes that being able to pick up vSAN All-Flash ReadyNodes and put them into production without the high licensing costs has been incredibly beneficial. Now, USSFCU can cover their two active data centers and three branches with vSAN ROBO.


“vSAN ROBO allows us to enable our branches with a level of survivability and productivity that they wouldn’t have had before”- Mark Fournier, System Architect, USSFCU


If you want more proof of vSAN ROBO’s capabilities, take a look at this case study, which is a testament to the power of vSAN when operating across multiple environments. Today the organization has over 250 virtual machines, driving private cloud-delivered enterprise services with VMware vSAN ROBO, VMware vSphere 6.7, VMware vRealize Operations Manager, VMware Workspace ONE, and several critical line of business applications.


Our members rely on us. They rely on us to be innovative. They rely on us to be secure. Through our partnership with VMware and Dell, we’re confident we can do that.” – Mark Fournier, Systems Architect, USSFCU


vSAN ROBO Resources 

Are you ready to slash your remote office costs and deploy vSAN ROBO? vSAN ROBO offers a low-cost option for high availability for remote offices. If you’re interested in a technical overview of vSAN ROBO solution, read this solution overview. And if you have a question and need a quick answer from an expert, shoot it our way by following us on Twitter!




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