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vSAN Lightning Lab – The Best Way to Spend 30 minutes

VMware Hands-on Labs are the most popular way to evaluate new products or enhance your skill set with a product you already use. They require no installation and are up and running in your browser in minutes…completely free. Step-by-step instructions guide the three-hour trial experience and are designed to showcase the full features and functionality of the product.

However, as the pace of business continues to increase, we know that it can be difficult to find three hours to test drive a new product. In an effort to streamline the trial process, we’ve rigorously reviewed the content, identified the most critical lessons, and condensed them into easy-to-consume, 30-minute segments that we call Lightning Labs.


Introducing the First vSAN Lighting Lab

Earlier this month, we launched the first VMware vSAN Lightning Lab. Now, in only 30 minutes, you can explore the latest features of vSAN and learn how to:

  • Enable a vSAN cluster using the new vSphere client (HTML5 UI)
  • Utilize the HCI Assessment powered by Live Optics to capture performance metrics
  • Use the vSAN Online Sizer Simulation to create a proposed vSAN build


vSAN Lightning Lab


How will you spend your next 30 minutes?

Take the vSAN Lightning Lab today!

To learn more about VMware vSAN, visit the vSAN product page.

To learn more about hyperconverged infrastructure, visit the HCI page.

To better understand the technology behind vSAN, visit StorageHub.


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