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VMware and Kapsch to accelerate NFV journey for Service Providers in EMEA

NFV appeals to Service Providers (SPs) because it allows them to innovate quickly and speed up time to market for new services, allowing them to capitalize on an all-IP network infrastructure such as 5G.

To help SPs across EMEA with this mission, VMware and Kapsch CarrierCom are joining forces to deliver carrier-grade, cloud-native NFV solutions designed by Kapsch and based on the VMware’s vCloud NFV.

Combining the best of IT and telco world, the collaboration between VMware and Kapsch CarrierCom is powered by the unique NFV solution delivery capabilities and set to transform the networks of SPs, helping them tap into the full potential of the digital business. It is allowing any SP to set-up NFV solutions and integrate and onboard multiple third-party applications onto an open NFV infrastructure (NFVi), building a common base architecture for almost any use case.

As a member of the VMware Partner Program, Kapsch CarrierCom will offer professional services and deliver the VMware vCloud NFV solution to SPs in EMEA countries. With multi-disciplinary skillset and unparalleled systems integration experience, Kapsch is designing, cross-validating and delivering telco-ready, multi-vendor, cloud-native solutions, based on complex customer requirements.

Bringing together VMware’s vCloud NFV solution with Kapsch’ networking acumen, this collaboration will help guide customers through the complete journey of virtualization, allowing them to compete with OTT players and speed time to market for new services.

vCloud NFV Delivers

 Carrier-Grade Network Availability

vCloud NFV is a highly available, multi-tenancy platform that has been tuned for service provider requirements. With optimized resource management and prioritization of resources based on workloads, vCloud NFV ensures top performance, scalability and high resiliency for critical network services.

Streamlines Operations Management and Analytics

vCloud NFV delivers a single pane of glass with 360-degree visibility and monitoring along with predictive analytics and logging insights to provide greater control of the network. With policy-based automation, allocation and provisioning of virtual machine resources and providing ease of deployment of VNFs.

 Automate and Orchestrate Networks

vCloud NFV provides a Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) that controls and manages the NFVI compute, storage and network resources. Automate and orchestrate the network infrastructure without worrying about the underlying physical configuration of resources.

The network industry faces a large learning curve over the next five years. And with the number of components needed to run network functions in the cloud, no single vendor or communications service provider can tackle this challenge alone.

Learn more about the SDN/NFV solutions that Kapsch provides.

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