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A Strategic C-Suite Playbook for Navigating the 5G World


Today telecom operators are fortifying their 5G efforts by buying spectrum, filing patents and creating test labs to explore use cases. They are forging development partnerships with the likes of tower companies, infrastructure and cloud providers, municipal authorities, broadcasters, manufacturers and software start-ups.

Now their challenge is to move from experimenting with 5G technologies to developing viable business models. But what will the new revenue streams encompass and how will experimentation be balanced with commercial strategy? What new mindsets, cultures and attitudes will 5G engender as partnerships across diverse sectors and backgrounds are formed? And, crucially, what security implications will arise?

By 2023, 5G will make up 1/5 of all mobile data traffic and is forecasted to drive a $12 trillion economic activity in hardware, software, and services. Download the Economist Intelligence Unit’s A Strategic C-Suite Playbook for Navigating the 5G World, to learn about the benefits of 5G and how telecoms can turn 5G into a viable business model.

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