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Every Day Is Thanksgiving

Yes, I know that’s a cheesy title, but in the office where we control Fusion and Workstation every day starts with a conversation about you. We talk about things that are trending on Twitter & Facebook, what’s happening on our community forums, and what people are asking us in our inboxes.

Some days it’s all good news, others it bad. Often it’s a mixture, but every day we’re grateful that you’re engaged with us, so that together we can build a better product.

Back in the summer we ran a competition to see what you’d say about us on YouTube. The results surprised us. I can honestly say that we were not expecting the volume of entries that our little give-away generated.

We are truly thankful that you are our customer.

Please stay engaged. Negative or positive, we want to hear your thoughts on the current product, and where you think it should go next.

In the meanwhile, in no order, here’s my favorite top 10 videos from the competition

The one with the cute kid

The one about a zoo

The product demo we should have made ourselves

The one about a whole career

The one that scared us a bit

The other one with cute kids

The one with the gamer

The one with the dog

And finally, the third one with a cute kid

Thank you

Fusion’s Future

Hi everyone,

As we’re winding down the year, planning is well underway for the next big releases of Fusion and Fusion Pro.

With me being new to the role of being responsible for the entirety of the Fusion experience, all the way from initial awareness to buying, using and getting support, I’m working on a multi-year plan of how we’re going to take Fusion into the future.

I personally think it would be wrong of me to do this without hearing from our users and the community.  I’ve always wanted to do right by our users, and I hope that giving you a forum to voice your thoughts underscores our commitment to ‘do the right thing’.

The world has been changing since Apple first brought OS X to x86, allowing us to do this amazing thing called Virtualization. But with changing times people are using Fusion for a variety of different reasons that we may not have originally thought of.

So, I’d like to use this thread as a forum to get direct feedback from you on what you think Fusion could do next.

  • Let’s hear about how you use Fusion and what else might help make that experience even better.
  • Let’s hear about what Fusion doesn’t do today that would make your lives easier.
  • Let’s hear about what Fusion does that drives you crazy!
  • Do you deploy Fusion en-masse in the office? What can we do better for this use case? (and did you know about Horizon FLEX??)
  • Do you build software using Fusion? How can we make that a more productive and joyful experience? 

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all of our users.  It’s been a great year for us, and for me personally. I’m immensely proud of what the team here has been able to deliver over the years, and we couldn’t be more excited to take things to the next level with you by our side.

Here’s a link to the community thread to continue the discussion

Happy Holidays!


(Please note comments have been disabled on this post, please join the discussion in the VMware Communities linked above)

The best way to run Windows 8 on your Mac

Microsoft decided to piggy-back on the excitement generated by the launch of VMware Fusion 4 and VMware Workstation 8 by announcing the Windows 8 Developer Preview yesterday. Microsoft's preview has seen plenty of coverage on-line and the VMware Personal Desktop team is in Southern California to learn more about the future of Windows.

VMware Fusion 4 is a great choice if you want to try Windows 8 for yourself. Many users are running both OS X 10.7 (Lion) and the Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview on their Mac. By running in a virtual machine you can isolate the new code from your documents and other Windows applications. You can even use the new snapshot viewer to experiment, then roll-back to a known good state, if something goes wrong.

VMware Fusion 4 is available today, download your trial from vmware.com.

Screen Shot 2011-09-15 at 1.42.19 PM

How Do You Use VMware Fusion?

The team here is always excited to hear new and interesting ways that VMware Fusion helps users.  Some of the most surprising cases have things like embroidery applications or remotely editing a video game.

This is why we make it as easy as possible to reach us through our blog, twitter account, or facebook page.  We really do love to hear from you.

So today we’re reaching out with the following question: “How Do You Use VMware Fusion?” We’re hoping to hear about ways the VMware Fusion community uses the product to simplify their lives, stay entertained, or to be even more productive at work. This will both help us improve our product to help serve you, and allow us to share these cool uses for VMware Fusion with the rest of the VMware community.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below so that we can learn more about how you use VMware Fusion and hopefully share it with the world. Feel free to submit a story, picture, video, or whatever you might want to help tell us your story.

We look forward to your thoughts,
Team Fusion

If the form above is not displaying, please feel free to fill out the form here.

Fusion Faces: Windows Quicken on Mac and Picasa on Mac with the Common Culinarian

Hal over at the Common Culinarian blog (warning, don’t click through unless you’re OK with seeing gorgeous pictures of yummy delights) had a great post talking about the rewards and challenges of moving over to a Mac.

Specifically, Hal is an accountant, and he has more than four years of financial info stored from his Quicken (for Windows) 2006.  When he went to convert it over to the Mac version of Quicken, he ran into a couple of issues.

First, he likes the richer feature set of Quicken for Windows.  Like the ability for Quicken to talk to more banks over the internet.

Second, when he went to convert over the financial information, apparently he had some serious challenges with the conversion process. 

Rather than cleaning it by hand, he realized that there was a simpler solution using VMware Fusion to run Windows on Mac with Quicken for Windows on top of that. 

Here’s a screenshot that he posted up on his blog of Quicken for Windows running in Unity view on VMware Fusion (is anyone surprised at his desktop background?):


The other thing Hal’s using VMware Fusion for is to run Google’s Picasa on  Mac. He’s a bigger fan of Picasa than iPhoto, and as such, he finds running it in a Windows XP virtual machine, just like his Quicken, running on top of VMware Fusion, suits him just fine.

So for the rest of you who are a little leery of Quicken for Mac, or big fans of Picasa, fear not.  Hal, the Common Culinarian, has shown us the delicious light.

How many moose would YOU give VMware Fusion?

http://akappleug.org/reviews/img/5moose2in.jpg Combing through my Google Alerts this morning, I was pleased to see that VMware Fusion had garnered another positive product review in the blogosphere .

I was that much more excited when I clicked through, only to realize that the Alaskan Apple Users Group had awarded VMware Fusion their highest accolade for a Mac software product: the fabled "Five Mooses" (pictured above).

Excellent! The team is honored to add another positive highlight to the growing stack of reviews and award, and would like to thank the Alaskan Apple User’s Group and the reviewer, Ronald Schoedel, for their support!