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The best way to run Windows 8 on your Mac

Microsoft decided to piggy-back on the excitement generated by the launch of VMware Fusion 4 and VMware Workstation 8 by announcing the Windows 8 Developer Preview yesterday. Microsoft's preview has seen plenty of coverage on-line and the VMware Personal Desktop team is in Southern California to learn more about the future of Windows.

VMware Fusion 4 is a great choice if you want to try Windows 8 for yourself. Many users are running both OS X 10.7 (Lion) and the Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview on their Mac. By running in a virtual machine you can isolate the new code from your documents and other Windows applications. You can even use the new snapshot viewer to experiment, then roll-back to a known good state, if something goes wrong.

VMware Fusion 4 is available today, download your trial from

Screen Shot 2011-09-15 at 1.42.19 PM


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  1. I tried this on a 2009 iMac with ATI 4670 with Windows 7 and Win7 VMWare Tools. I am getting massive graphics problems. I.e. Internet Explorer is entirely unusable, it only paints random black rectangles onto a white screen. Any way to make this more reliable?

  2. Hi,
    i have the same problem as Tilo on a 2010 MBP. Same issue with graphics in IE and other “Metro-Style” Apps. VMWare Tools are installed.

  3. None of the “sample apps” (weather, socialte, paint play, tuberider, checkm8, etc.) are running for me on the developer preview… I’ve tried using an account linked with a Windows Live ID, and one local to my VM only… also tried installing VMWare Tools, anyone have this problem?
    I’m running a 2009 Macbook Pro 13″, 2GB RAM given to the VM (4GB on the machine total) and 1 CPU core out of 2 on my box given to the VM.
    Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and the Control Panel seem to work fine. Can also access the desktop, command prompt, and powershell (from command prompt) as well.

  4. There´re big problems with Internet Explorer on Windows 8 under VMWare Fusion 4, It´ll be great if you launch some kind of patch.

  5. In response to the item I posted Sept. 16, I found that all the sample apps work IF you put Fusion into full screen mode. If you view it windowed, it will not work for some reason. Cheers!

  6. I am running a 2009 Mac Mini with Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz, 4GB Ram, OS X Lion, and VMWare Fusion 4.
    I installed Windows 8 w/VMWare tools, allocating 1 core and 1 GB Memory. The problem is that when this VM is running — and I have isolated that it is ONLY when the VM is running — BOTH the Windows 8 VM and the Mac start crawling at an unusable pace. It takes several minutes for the VM to go from suspended to live.
    Have I done something wrong? How can I make this usable?

  7. Anyway scrolling on Metro Apps are still not supported!!!:-( No Horizontal Scrolling and Three finger scroll. Looking forward to receive an update of VMware Tools compatible with multi-scroll gestures pretty soon. I’m on MB 08 4GB RAM

  8. “Microsoft decided to piggy-back on the excitement generated by the launch of VMware Fusion 4 and VMware Workstation 8 by announcing the Windows 8 Developer Preview yesterday.”
    Take your finger out, or insert a 😛 in there. 😉

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