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The reviews are in. VMware Fusion 5 shines.

VMware Fusion 5 and VMware Fusion 5 Professional launched with rave reviews. Macworld, PCMag, MacFormat and many more loved the 70+ new features, including optimization for Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and the latest Macs.

We’re especially pleased with the 3 Editors’ Choice awards from MacWorld UK, MacFormat and PCMag. See for yourself what everyone’s talking about:

MacWorld UK (5 mice) – Editors’ Choice: 

“It’s not just hype when VMWare claims that Fusion 5 can run Windows software at ‘near native’ speeds.”

PCMag.com (4.5 stars) – Editors’ Choice:

“Highest performance among benchmarked desktop virtualization solutions tested.” 

MacFormat UK (5 stars) – Editors’ Choice:

“Fusion 5 is great, we liked it and can highly recommend it. It’s cheaper than Parallels and ran just as fluently during our testing.”

NetworkWorld – Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5:

“VMware’s Fusion 5 Professional Edition for OS X is a really big step up in virtual machine technology under  OS X”

MacWorld US – 4.5 mice:


This holiday season choose the ultimate way to run Windows on a Mac. Choose VMware Fusion 5.


According to MacLife Magazine, We’re ggggrrreeaaattt!

  MacLife magazine has released their review of VMware Fusion, and we’re happy to say that they agree with our users:   VMware Fusion earned a "Great" rating, with a score of 4 out of 5.

As reviewer Christopher Phin put it, "While this is the first version of Fusion, the software shows remarkable polish.  It feels like Mac software, bundling all the files for a virtual machine into a Mac OS X package, rather than leaving config files, hard disk documents, and other files loose on your drive." 

Chris also liked the fact that VMware Fusion supports two cores in a virtual machine, and will run virtual machines with 64-bit operating systems, making VMware Fusion the most powerful way to run Windows on a Mac.

Thanks for the review Chris!