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Mark Gibbs names VMware Fusion in “My Top 10 Tools” List

3) Aero with Flip 3D Effect We’re excited to announce that Mark Gibbs of Network World and PC World named VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation in his list of most crucial apps he can’t live without.

Gibbs writes about how both VMware applications make “it possible to run, in parallel, pretty much any x86-based operating system in a virtual machine on top of the host operating system.”

He uses both VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation to run Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Above all, Gibbs loves playing “LucasArts PodRacer on top of OS X on [his] new 27-inch iMac with an i7 processor.”

Let us know why you love VMware Fusion!

Vote for VMware Fusion at the 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards!

Readers' Choice Awards 2011 - It's Time to Vote!
We’re excited to announce that VMware Fusion has been selected as a finalist in About.com’s 2011 Readers Choice Awards!

We would appreciate your support in winning the “Best Mac Application for Running Windows” category, so please help us by voting for VMware Fusion.

Voting ends March 8th, but please vote today (so you don’t forget)!

Update: ALL customers can get 20% off VMware Fusion through Friday March 4th, 2011 by using code VOTE4FUSION at checkout!

VMware Fusion: Top App for Running Windows on a Mac on a Tight Budget


InformationWeek recently published their list of “Top 19 Mac Apps For Tight Budgets” and VMware Fusion was chosen app to run Windows on the Mac.

Mitch Wagner summarizes why Mac users on a tight budget need VMware Fusion.

The most common use is to run Windows and get access to proprietary Windows apps that are not available for the Mac … As if that’s not cool enough, Fusion will let you do a few more things: You can share data between the "guest operating system" and the Mac. You can set some Windows apps to be the default app for specific kinds of documents. And you can run Windows apps in their own, separate windows on the Mac, so they look more like native Mac apps.

In addition to VMware Fusion, there are a lot of other great apps on the InformationWeek Top 19 Mac Apps list that I personally use daily including TextWrangler, Adium, Evernote, Things, and Tweetie. So, I highly recommend you check out the InformationWeek Top 19 Mac Apps list to find some great apps you may not be using today but should check out.

If you aren’t already using VMware Fusion, download a 30-day trial and see why VMware Fusion is the top app for running Windows on a tight budget.

PC World: VMware Fusion Selected Best Mac Virtualization Software in PC World’s "Best Products of 2008" List

Pete_s VMware Dell

We got a treat Memorial Day treat.  VMware Fusion was named to PC World’s “Best Products of 2008” list.

Specifically, we’re listed as #79, which might seem pretty far the list, but which is still ahead of great products like the MacBook Air, Ubuntu Linux, and more.

 But hey, being the only virtualization product for running Windows on Mac on the entire list is honor enough for us.  Thanks PC World! 


As we prepare for Macworld 2008, a look back at the last year…

The Beginning

This time last year, we had just shipped our first public beta of VMware for the Mac, codenamed "Fusion" and I had just joined VMware and the Mac team right before Macworld. VMware had its first Macworld booth ever and the Mac team talked to thousands of Mac users looking for a way to run Windows on their Mac (or maybe they talked to us get the free t-shirt that we gave away! :) )

The Mac team came away from Macworld pumped and got back to work making VMware for the Mac even better. We added DirectX 8.1 accelerated 3D graphics , the first hardware acclerated 3D graphics in the Mac virtualization market when released in beta 2 in February 2007. In April, we announced we had a name for our Mac product: VMware Fusion (TM). In June, with beta 4 we introduced Unity , the most seamless way to run Windows applications like Mac applications. In the end, there were over 250,000 beta downloads of VMware Fusion before we launched VMware Fusion 1.0.

The Launch

On August 6, 2007 we launched VMware Fusion 1.0 and brought the following exclusive features to the Mac platform that still aren’t shipping today in other products including a Cocoa-native user interface with customizable toolbars, support for 2-way Virtual SMP for multiple processors in a virtual machine, ability to run both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems in a virtual machine, and no limits on the number of virtual machines runnings at a time, you are limited only by available memory.

The Dot Release

In November 2007, we released VMware Fusion 1.1  which added experimental support for DirectX 9.0 (without shaders) 3D graphics, full support for Mac OS X Leopard, and simultanously shipped a single installer for English, French, German, and Japanese.  In addition, we also released beta 1 of VMware Importer , which allows you to easily migrate your Parallels Desktop for Mac virtual machines to VMware Fusion.

Virtual Machine Importation with Ease

Earlier this week, we released beta 2 of VMware Importer which adds support for importing Virtual PC 7.0 for Mac virtual machines in addition to improving support for importing Parallels Desktop for Mac virtual machines. I recommended checking out VMware Importer , it is great tool to get you up and running in VMware Fusion quickly.

It was been an incredibly busy year and I can’t be prouder of being part of the Mac team at VMware. The Mac team is building products that we as Mac users want to use and are happy our users love. The acceptance of the VMware Fusion to date has been incredible. Thank you to the Mac community for your support so far.

Awards and Reviews

VMware Fusion received many great reviews including three I want to call out:

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal  said "Fusion has a much smaller impact on the Mac’s overall performance"

Rob Griffiths at Macworld  said "I currently prefer Fusion for its low impact on other OS X applications, support for multiple virtual CPUs, and huge library of virtual appliances." 

Daniel Begun at CNET Crave  said "From a pure performance perspective, Fusion proves to be a faster performing platform than Parallels. Additionally, in our anecdotal hands-on testing we found Fusion to be somewhat more stable than Parallels"

In addition to the many great reviews, VMware Fusion has won eight awards to date including the 2007 Macworld Eddy! See below for the list of awards won so far:

2007 Macworld Editor’s Choice Award

2007 Pogie (David Pogue of New York Times Technology Award)

Macworld UK Editor’s Choice

PC Pro Recommended (PC Pro UK)

Amazon’s Best of 2007 

Lifehacker Top 10 New and Improved Apps of 2007

Redmond Magazine Editor’s Choice Award – Biggest \\\\\\"Wow\\" in an IT product

IT Enquirer Editor’s Choice

We can’t thank the Mac community enough for how you have embraced VMware Fusion and we look forward to making 2008 an even better year for Mac users.

Please come by our Macworld  booth to meet me, Pete, and other members of the Mac team, we are in booth #2717 .



How many moose would YOU give VMware Fusion?

http://akappleug.org/reviews/img/5moose2in.jpg Combing through my Google Alerts this morning, I was pleased to see that VMware Fusion had garnered another positive product review in the blogosphere .

I was that much more excited when I clicked through, only to realize that the Alaskan Apple Users Group had awarded VMware Fusion their highest accolade for a Mac software product: the fabled "Five Mooses" (pictured above).

Excellent! The team is honored to add another positive highlight to the growing stack of reviews and award, and would like to thank the Alaskan Apple User’s Group and the reviewer, Ronald Schoedel, for their support!


When Redmond Magazine Thinks Fusion, They think “WOW!”

http://redmondmag.com/graphics/logo_redmond_2004_l.gif http://admin.mcpmag.com/features/images/featuresID_2400_red0108_choiceIcon.jpg

The awards keep coming fast and furious at the end of the year.

The latest?  Redmond Magazine ("The Independent Voice of the Microsoft IT Community") has awarded VMware Fusion (and VMware ESX Server, and VMware Workstation…I see a trend…) an Editor’s Choice Award .

The best part?  We won the "Biggest ‘Wow’ in an IT Product" award (i.e. "Your jaw just dropped when you first used this product"), beating out Vista’s "Instant Search" and Ubuntu 7.04.

Before everyone says it, yes Redmond Magazine is a pretty geeky enterprise IT publication, but we’ll wear that as a badge of honor.  VMware has had great success over the years by winning the hearts and minds of Sys Admins the world over, making their lives easier and helping them get things done, first with VMware Workstation, then VMware GSX, and then with VMware ESX Server and VMware Infrastructure.

We’re honored to be noted by the IT geek community, and hope that as more and more Macs, both personal and company-owned start flooding into the corporate IT environment, they’ll think of VMware Fusion as the most seamless way to run Windows apps and peripherals on those shiny new Macs, using XP and Vista virtual machines they already built with VMware Workstation.